Sing it!

To the tune of: “Do your ears hang low.”

Inspired by the Walmart commercial, my pre-pregnancy jeans that STILL do not fit, and my own little cry machine 🙂

Do your boobs hang low, do they wobble to and fro

Is your hair falling out that you can’t make a fro?

Are your hips so much wider that you can’t eat that Slider?

Do your boobs hang low!

Do your thighs now jiggle and your arms now wiggle

And your tummy shake when you let out that giggle.

Do the bags under your eyes now turn away all the guys.

Do your thighs now jiggle?

But aren’t you the hero for your sweet little nino?

You can nurse that baby while your nurse your Vino.

You gets and hugs and kisses and you’re still a loving a Mrs.

Aren’t you their hero?

Your life is full of joy with that little girl or boy.

You know songs and stories – you’re the keeper of the toys.

You’re your husband’s goddess – come on don’t be modest!

Who cares if our boobs hang low!!


  1. Ashley Coleman says:

    SO TRUE!!!!

  2. You made me smile and trust me that was much needed after last night! Talk to you tomorrow. Hopefully tonight is a good night!