is my homeboy…

What a great game! Craig and I went to the Cowboy game on Sunday. We dominated the Seahawks – which we should do every game.

We had ridiculous good seats and had an even better time.

The only down side was “Mr. OverlyDrunkObnoxiousCowboySunglassWearing Fan” sat in the section next to us. I didn’t need play by play or need to hear after every Cowboy possession how awesome they are or need to hear how bad the Seahawks sucked. I laughed when you tried to start a cheer and everyone ignored you – and yes – the boos you heard were for you…

But, I had a great time eating – erm – watching the game.

I don’t know what it is – but when I go anywhere where there’s a concession stand – I feel the need to support the food stalls – every food stall. So I had a hot dog and popcorn. And a burger. And candy. And beer. But – we had to go up stairs to get to the concession stand – so it all kind of cancelled out 😉

The Death Star aka Jerry World aka Cowboys Stadjium (yes – I spelled that right….true P1’s will appreciate it…) was pretty impressive. It looked like a spaceship and had the new car smell all around. The bathrooms were awesome – the toilets flushed and everything. Jerry even built platforms for drummers to play on while two strippers – erm – dancers danced during the game. The screen was huge…you know what they say about a guy who builds a big screen….big screen…big ——– picture….

The ‘Boys played great. The Cowboys Cheerleaders only caused me to emotional eat a little bit. And for the record – I was actually asked to cheer with them – but I looked at the uniform – then took one look at my breast feeding, National Geographic, deflated balloon boobies and my stretch marked, jelly baby belly and thought – “I don’t think Cowboy’s fans could handle all this hotness…” So – I politely declined.

We paid a sh!t ton for tickets, parking and food – it was worth it. An afternoon with my man and My Boys…couldn’t ask for much more…

Family pic before the game…and yes…Craig’s finger is in a REALLY bad place

In the car – so excited!

Me eating a hot dog

Jerry World

Great Seats!

Kind of hoping Stroller Strides will get me in this kind of shape

I’m bored…when you’re winning by 20 it’s kind of hard to stay focused