Snowmageddon 2011

I’m Asian – or more specific – and Asian Pacific Islander.

Notice – “ISLANDER.”

Like – on an island, surrounded in water, with the sun beating down and a cold front is considered 70 degrees.


I was NOT born to endure Snowmageddon 2011.

True to Texas weather – we had an amazing weekend about 6 days ago. We took a family walk in 70 degree weather in shorts and t-shirts.

And today – 6 days to present – I am looking outside my window to about 5 inches of snow on the ground (about 2 inches has melted away) to 20 degree weather.

It started on Tuesday with an ice storm in the middle of the night – that started out as rain – and as the temp dropped about 15 degrees in 30 minutes – and the rain quickly turned to ice.

DFW shut down, Craig’s worked closed, and we all hung out at home.

So fun.

Then the next day – Wednesday – was not much better. Craig worked from home, I stayed at home again, and Iz hung out with us.

Cabin fever.

But, Thursday, we had to go to work and brave the streets. It was crazy. Ice skating rink – aka – highways – was treacherous. But, we braved them and by the Grace of God – we got home safely.

Everyone was ready for the sun to be up and stay up and melt the ice away.


Friday early morning – the snow hit. White, fluffy, snow. It’d be great if we hadn’t been iced in for 3 days. And…I had to work. Bummer.

But, Craig stayed home today with Iz while I worked and all I could think about was:
1 – getting home safely to my kid
2 – seeing Iz experience snow now that she’s big enough to really run around and enjoy it.

I got home around 4 pm and Craig and Iz had already started in on the fun. Iz didn’t want to keep anything on her hands so gloves were out of the question. She didn’t like the way the snow felt and she didn’t like the snow messing up her boots.

She’s all about her shoes. That’s my girl.

Thankful for days snowed in so I could spend with my family. Thankful for safe travels as I worked. Thankful for snow and for the memories of Snowmageddon 2011 – no matter how Asian I am.