Taking a page from a very important magazine

US Weekly.

It’s kind of my news media source of choice.

There’s a great little segment that a celebrity reveals 25 things you probably never knew about them.

I may have done this one time or another….but with Mommynesia (you know – the amnesia that happens when you become a Mom and starts at pregnancy…)

Here goes!!!

25 Things You May Not Have Known about Me!

25. I read books very fast. I skim through them to find out the end then I re-read the book slowly for a 2nd time to get the details.

24. I sometimes forget I TiVo things and end up watching the commercials.

23. I love putting cinnamon in my coffee.

22. I get really irritated if the sippy cup lid isn’t on the right base.

21. I sometimes don’t wash my water bottle after each use and just rinse it out.

20. I go through phases where I will eat the same thing for breakfast weeks in a row. For the past 3 weeks it’s been the same thing everyday – whole grain waffle with Agave and blueberries.

19. I still can’t believe that Craig chose me to be his wife out of all the women in the world.

18. If I am going through a tough time, I will go to the Bible, say a quick prayer and open it up to random passage and read it for direction or comfort.

17. I really, really, love “Little House on the Prairie.”

16. I weigh myself everyday.

15. I could eat a family sized bag of Barbecue Kettle Chips in one sitting.

14. I count while I put things up. I count to 10 and then count backwards when I reach 10 until everything is put up.

13. When I put gas in my car, then end number in the amount has to end be “0” or “5”.

12. I can burp like a guy.

11. I love Sports talk radio – The Ticket 1310AM from Dallas.

10. I love onion rings but ask for no onions on my burger.

9. I worry that I am not raising Iz right…almost on a daily basis.

8. I’m afraid I won’t love my next kid (God willing I have another ) as much as I love Iz.

7. I cringe, mute the TV, and close my eyes if there’s an uncomfortable part on where someone is making an @$ out of themselves.

6. I cook every day – sometimes 3 meals a day. We only go out to eat one time on the weekend to save money.

5. I love “S.W.V.” – the girl R&B group from the 90s.

4. I yell on accident. I don’t realize how loud I am talking sometimes.

3. I love seeing my messy house – when I see toys and Iz’s shoes on the floor – because I am so thankful for her.

2. I think I’m a good friend.

1. I believe God’s trials are part of His blessings.


  1. Natasha Swan says:

    Hello, I started my blog yesterday and i was looking at other blogs and i was really pleased to find a christian lady like you, your blog is really good, I send you many blessings from England Sister. xxx

  2. etphonehome21 says:

    Loved learning more about you. The only thing that REALLY surprises me is you weigh yourself every day. REALLY?!?!? You need to see how skinny you are?