The boy who cried wolf

Or in my case…the Woman who cried baby!

We’ve heard the story of the boy who cried wolf.  He would say, “there’s a wolf!” when there really wasn’t….and then finally…when the wolf finally did arrive…no one believed him.


I’m the woman who cried baby.

I last talked about Evan making his arrival on an emergency trip to Labor and Delivery on Thursday.

Let’s talk about the rest of the weekend, shall we?

Saturday was a fun day.  Craig and I wanted to make sure we spent as much time with Isabelle as possible since we have a feeling Evan will be here sooner than later.

We went to a birthday party for Iz’s friend, Liberty.  I got to hang out with my friends and chat while my nanny for the day Craig followed Iz around and played with the other Daddies.

We came home and got the house straightened up.  Cleaned out our cars.  Made list of things to do for Monday since Craig had the day off – finish Evan’s room, pay bills, laundry, blah, blah , blah.

Football was on T.V. and the three of us watched the games, colored, ate pizza – just a great day and night.

Right after dinner – I start to feel contractions again.  I had had them on and off all day – but nothing like I had on Thursday.  So, I drank glass after glass of water and laid down, stood up, walked around – just trying to get them to stop.

Craig sent me to bed while he took care of bath and bed time duty for Iz.

The contractions had subsided a bit.  Bed time for the adults rolled around…10ish (I know..we really know how to party on a Saturday night).

And for the next 6 hours I laid in bed, Craig asleep by my side, timing contractions, drinking water, eating cereal at 2:30 AM, surfing the interwebz, walked around…anything to get my mind off of the so called “painless contractions called Braxton Hicks.”  (*Braxton Hicks contractions are painful…I don’t care if you think I’m a wuss*).

I also decided to read the Bible.  And I opened it up to Psalms 27 and 28.  Talk about God speaking to me…

I was finally able to fall asleep around 4am.  Iz woke up early – around 7:30 AM.

I was exhausted.  We all got up to start our day.  It was a normal Sunday.  Breakfast..getting ready for church…the usual.

I get up from the table to use the bathroom.  I do my business, look down, and panic.


So much blood.

I yell at Craig – “We need to go to the hospital! I’m bleeding – and bad!”

Craig runs into the bathroom, sees me, sees everything…looks right at me and says, “Don’t panic.  Let’s go.”

My sweet Iz hears my cries and sees Craig rushing to get dressed. Her little brow furrows in such concern and says, “Momma – you bleed?”

I take her face in my hands, wipe away my tears, kiss her face and say that I’m just fine. I just need to go to the doctor and she’s going to her Tatay and Nana’s house to play for a while.

I rush to get dressed….all the while can still feel that I’m bleeding.

I stop and pray.  Fear has already set in.  It’s not just about going into labor…but now it’s about something being wrong with either me or Evan.

We head out the door, Iz constantly asking me if I’m ok, me trying to stay calm for her, Craig trying to stay calm for all of us.

We get to my parent’s house…my family is ready.  My aunt is at the door before we pull up.  My Dad is dressed…everyone is ready for baby to be here.

I call my doctor and she says to head to the hospital.  She’s already called Labor and Delivery.

I send out a text to my sisters and a few close friends and ask for prayers.  I communicate with my Heart Mama community and tell them my fears…and they are all in prayer for me.

I just continue to pray that everything is going to be ok…no matter what.

We finally get to the hospital.  I get checked out and there is still bleeding.

The emergency OB on staff hooks me up the monitor, does a sonogram to make sure Evan is head down, checks my fluid level and to make sure my placenta was still where it needed to be, orders I.V. fluids and anti-biotics…..she is getting ready…he may be here today or tomorrow if I continue to progress or if the bleeding doesn’t stop.

I continue to pray.

My friends and family are continuing to pray.

A nurse walks in to check on me and change out my I.V.  She read my chart, knows Evan’s history, and tells me it will be ok.  She asks if I need anything…and I look her straight in the eye and simply say, “Prayers.”

Her expression softened…and she replies with a smile, “You got it.”

Hours and hours later…after lots of football watching…bags of I.V….a few pelvic checks later…the bleeding had stopped.  The contractions were finally far apart…and the doctor said I can go home and labor at home.  She only wanted me to come back if the bleeding started again (which they felt was from cervical change and not from my placenta), if Evan slowed down his movements, or if something happens which really sets off labor – water breaking, contractions so great I can’t walk or breathe.

I felt foolish – even though my doctor said with the amount of bleeding I had – it was smart of me to come to hospital.

I was the woman who cried baby.

I asked for prayers for Evan and he didn’t even come.

We drive back home, pick up Iz, and I let my friends know that I’m finally leaving the hospital…so they can stop holding vigil for me 😉

And then I get a text reply from my friend Lisa…which said…”Our prayers were answered.”

I realized that I had asked my family and friends to pray for me.  And just like in times of trouble, when you are so caught up in the moment, do not have the words to give to God…the Holy Spirit takes over and sends a request up to God on your behalf.

I realized that my prayers had been answered.  I had so much fear and worry that Evan would be early that I prayed for his safe arrival.  God heard me…and He heard everyone uttering their requests for Evan and me.  Yet, I didn’t realize until after I got home…that God had given me more time…Evan more time…and He has already promised a safe arrival for Him…but it wasn’t that day.

Yet again I was reminded that God is truly in control.  And I thanked Him once again…for showing me.




  1. The power of prayer can move mountains my friend. So, glad that labor was stopped so baby has more time before his big debut. Always praying for you!

  2. I agree – that is exactly what happened. God listened & answered. Love it when we see so clearly that is what has happened! Love you!

  3. Glad things are ok. Don’t ever hesitate to go to the doctor/hospital. You can never be too careful! Will keep praying for you and for Evan. I know his heart will be healed, and when it is, it will heal your heart as well.