"The Incident"

The air was crisp as Autumn was making her exit and the sharp, cold wind welcomed in Winter.

Our tummies were full of turkey and stuffing and our hearts full of love from the memories of family and laughter from the Thanksgiving weekend.

It was that time of year. THE time of year. The time of year where you actually do stop and smell the Poinsettias. The time of year where songs of Snowmen, Reindeers, and Silent Night’s fill your car, your home, your shopping experience.

There are moments where you can’t help but stop mid stride and smile. You’re bundled up, steam from your hot cocoa tickles your nose, and the sights of decorated streets, decorated cars, decorated stores, decorated homes….it’s Christmas time!

It’s supposed to be a time of happiness and excitement. That’s why when “The Incident” occurred in our home…oh my…let me just share with you.

Like most people – I love Christmas! It’s time to celebrate the Birth of Jesus, time to celebrate with family and time to reflect on the many blessings in one’s life.

I was at home one afternoon trying to figure out how a smoothie machine ended up in the office/playroom floor. How did it get there?

Of course – I was watching a “Top Chef” marathon…oops…I mean – doing laundry. And time somehow passed more quickly than I had realized and suddenly the laundry looked like this.

It had molded itself into the laundry basket. {Ok- so maybe the laundry had been sitting in the basket for a few hours…or days…or maybe a week…}

I laughed off the laundry and couldn’t help but thinking about the excitement in the air. Even the disaster of the homemade Christmas wreath couldn’t get me down.

Oh how, I loved the decorated Christmas tree and all of his tenants.

Who doesn’t love perfect glass ornaments

or dog’s keeping watch of the all gifts

or glittery tassels

or Odes to my Alma Mater

or Sweet Little Angels.

The stocking that were hung by the chimney with care and the Angels that kept them company….all these things scream Christmas!

But then it happened….all of a sudden I hear my sweet Isabelle cry out. And then…”The Incident”….

She’s surrounded.

Isabelle tries to escape

She realizes she has to fight back and takes one down.

Her big brother decides to come in and investigate what happened.

But it’s too late – the authorities had already been called.

Even the Cavalry showed up.

Iz was pretty upset but the Pope showed up and told her to have faith that the truth would come out.

The attack on the Nutcracker put the wooden world in an uproar. “The Incident” was taken to the United Nations.

Since it was such short notice only Korea and Mexico could make it.

Ireland and Germany and Russia showed up – but they weren’t taking things too seriously.

Germany brought beer and bratwurst….guess he thought it was a party.

Luckily – we had a witness. A very important witness.

Santa saw the whole thing and came to the conclusion that Iz was not at fault.

Whew! What a close call. If she had been found guilty…it would have been a sad, sad day if Isabelle received a lump of coal for her first Christmas.


  1. Ashley Coleman says:

    You should have called Sir Owen King to the rescue. He would have protected his Princess Izzy:)

  2. etphonehome21 says:

    You are crazy! I think all of the cold weather keeping us cooped up is getting to you!


    girl you seriously have a gift! your an awesome writer seriously where do you come up with this stuff? you need another kid to occupy that mind of yours lol! no seriously your blogs are the best and sooo me when you talk about alot of things!