Time flies

….and I can’t believe we’re in March already!

I am almost 6 months pregnant, we’ve moved into our home, and I finally take the USMLE Step I exam (March 30th). I’ve pushed back my test date to the absolute last time I could take it…since I’ve been busy being Czarina Home-maker and not studying.

Some fun things in February

Valentine’s Day – Craig and I decided to spend Valentine’s Day at home. It was perfect – we had a fabulous dinner and got to enjoy a good meal without the hassle of crowds.

Yum-O – Lobster and Steak
Heart shaped butter – AWWW

Craig loved dinner

Baby Kara was born Feb. 22 – Chonnie ( my oldest sister) had another baby girl and she is SO cute! I am really excited Baby Girl Hounsel will have a cousin so close in age!

Daddy Russ and big sister Sofia
Welcome Kara Emily!
6 days old and already a cutie pie!
Mommy in training!

Craig’s bday party – I decided to throw a housewarming/birthday party for Craig. We live on the other side of Dallas – and if you’re not from here – Dallas is a BIG city. So, Craig’s closest friends and wives (who have now become some of my dearest friends) made the journey to our house. We had a fun night of Wii, eating, chatting, laughing, and hanging out.

Peyton, Charleigh, creepy baby doll, Stacy

Heather and Peyton

Mii playing Wii

Birthday boy and chunky monkey

Craig and Scott – seriously?

Silvana – she’s due a week before me!


Craig and Lightfoot

Lightfoot and Joe (and his Wii)

Craig, Joe and Miller

***It took us three times to get this picture right…these are grown men and fathers***
Attempt #1

Attempt #2

Attempt #3 – FINALLY!

Divine Consign – I went to a huge consignment sale in DFW to find baby gear for Baby Girl. I had a list of things I wanted to buy… but the car seat and stroller I wanted were not there or were taken by other shoppers. Craig came with me and was my “guest”….it was quite the spectacle as we shopped and watched the hundreds of women shop til they dropped. I got a few things and some onesies but didn’t shop for too many clothes since I don’t know how big baby Girl is going to be!

Craig and the Baby Bjorn – practicing for Baby

Craig reassuring the dogs that they’ll still be loved when Baby gets here

Can’t wait to see what March brings…probably lots of studying!!!


  1. Can we get invited to the next WII party?