Today I’m thankful for:

– my soft belly…because that means I carried a baby.

– my 5 inch scar on my tummy…because that means she got out safely.

– my house that now seems small…because there’s another tiny human that shares our space.

– the extra loads of laundry that pile around the house…because that means I played instead of doing a load of whites.

– night time wakings…because that means I get to hold her.

– dirty diapers…because that means her insides work 🙂

– loud cries and screams…because that means she’s breathing.

– the tiny handprints on my windows….because that means she was born with both of them.

– the hours I chase after her…because that means she has two working little legs.

– for the house that’s messy, the car that’s messy, the toys all around…because that means I have child who fills my home with nothing but joy.

To my friends, friends of friends, family who are dealing with the birth defects, illness of a child, or a loss of a child…know that your story is one that will never be taken for granted.

To my friends, friends of friends, family who have been blessed with a child who’s with you now…celebrate the little things.

And be thankful for those things…TODAY.


  1. Thanks for putting it in perspective! I needed that. Since I was up way too early trying to crawl out from under my piles of clean laundry that hasn't been folded or put up yet. Thank you!

  2. Well said ! You're such a kind and positive person ! Thank you for that post !!

  3. Wow, I bet you're a kewl mom. <3

  4. i love love love this post. today was a really hard day for me. making it through the last week, until school starts.
    you made me very thankful for all the things that drive me crazy.
    i might even cut and copy it to another page to keep it out where i can read it.

  5. Amen sista!! I have to step back when Morgan has a total meltdown in the middle of Target & remind myself that as frustrated as I am, I have a healthy daughter that has the ability to 1)WALK, 2)TALK & 3)have a meltdown because she knows she's tired/hungry/bored & wants to be able to convey all this to me. I wouldn't change a thing. I have the soft belly & 5 inch scrae too….

  6. scrae = scar…hee-hee….