are you one of my unicorns?

Craig and I had a yard sale this weekend.  We had so much stuff to get rid of.

Considering that we only have 2 kids…we sure did accumulate a lot of junk necessities junk.

We were met with quite the cast of characters.

Lots of people who were serious about wanting a good bargain…I can’t take much more off the $1 item…

To those who really just wanted to get free stuff…literally.

But, everyone has their story…so we are just thankful for those who came, bought our stuff, and put some money in our pockets for us to give to some worthy causes.

But, those aren’t the people I want to talk about.

The people I want to talk about are all of YOU.

The complete strangers who have reached out to my family and embraced us like your own.

Those how love my boy with all they are and pray for him fervently everyday.

Those who send me messages, those who are constantly lifting me up in prayer and support…

Those who haven’t seen me in years…and are putting aside the time and surrounding me and my family with love.

Those who I’ve only known in my life as a mom…and treating our family as if we’ve known each other for eons.

And now…to the “others”

The other people are those that have put themselves in our life without me even asking.

Those  people are the people of our new church home.

I mean…these people….they don’t even know me and insist on bringing my family meals…they insist on stopping by at the hospital to let us know they are praying for our son (whom they’ve never met)….they insist on giving us meal cards…they insist on telling the pastor about our special boy….and then that pastor – who doesn’t even know us mind you – decides to call us while our boy was recovering in the ICU to let us know that the church staff stopped their day to pray for our son…

They ignored all of my “no, we’re okay” updates…and responses.  They ignored the “all we need is prayer” replies.

So thankful they saw behind my falsehoods…

They met the needs of our family…needs we didn’t even know we had until they met them.

I’m pretty sure they are hiding halos somewhere…their shirts hiding wings…

It’s hard to know what you need when you’re in the middle of the storm.  And my new church…this new home…the people in it…they saw through the strength I was hoping to portray and saw a child of God – who desperately needed an arsenal of people to surround my heart – to feed my soul (and our tummies) – who saw a family in need some lovin’ – who saw a marriage that needed a support system – who saw past the surface “they are strangers…we don’t know them…” and did what all churches are called to do…

to reach out…when one is needy.

to lift up…when one is down.

to hold close…when one feels so far from God.

I’m sure some of them reading this are just thinking,”Well…that’s what we are supposed to do.”

Supposed to do these days is hard to come by.

We are so caught up in our everyday lives – it’s so difficult to see past your own troubles – too busy living life – to stop and bless another.

I can’t tell you how awkward it is to open my door to a complete stranger, who has brought over a meal, greet them with, “Hi…I’m Czarina..please come into my (messy) home”…then start to cry because you don’t even know how to react to kind gestures – these small little things – that mean such big things in our oh so difficult life.

But then…to have that awkwardness disappear when you see the genuine smile, the true concern, and just the overall – “We just want to help…” and them mean it.

Who ARE you people?


I didn’t realize such hearts existed in this world.

Ya’ll are like unicorns…

Thank you for being a unicorn in my life.