Unsolved Mysteries: Parent Edition

10. How do you start off with 12 socks, 6 pairs total, and end up with only 9 socks at the end of a laundry cycle?

9. Why does the dog food, dirt, rock, mystery substance make it into my kid’s mouth more often than a nutritious piece of food?

8. How does laundry multiply itself at its exponential rate?

7. How am I going to explain to my child that her middle name is not “No”?

6. Why do I feel so much guilt at being a working mom?

5. Why did I feel so much guilt when I was a stay at home mom?

4. How does my child find the sippy cups that have been missing for days and why does she think drinking the cottage cheese milk is a good thing?

3. How come when you brag about something your kid does – he/she does the exact opposite the next time around – like NOT sleeping at nap, or not getting sick?

2. Who is she talking to? Because she talks all day in a language I just don’t get…

1. How did God make belly laughs the best thing since Blue Bell Ice Cream? Because, dang it…they are.


  1. I know! I always knock on wood whenever I'm about to brag about something my kids do. Because I've been cursed far too many times to count.
    Your list is great! These are life's greatest mysteries.