Valentine’s Day

My very special Valentines

I’m not a big fan of the holiday.

But, for my business – which is cake truffles, cake balls, cake goodness – it’s good.

Very good.

So good that I worked 40 hours in 2.5 days.


So to say that all I wanted for Valentine’s Day was to sit at home and do nothing is an understatement.

But when you have a 20 month old (whoa…when did she hit her 20s???), sitting around doing nothing is just not in the cards.

Iz had a special Daddy Valentine lunch at MDO. I was crushed when the teacher told me that the day of love would be reserved for Daddy or the equivalent of a Dad. I mean – what about Mommy? But, I wasn’t about to stage a coup so I just let it be.

Craig went into work for a couple of hours and headed to her school.

As the morning went on, all I could think about were my two sweet Valentine’s having lunch, playing at school, and making memories.

I rushed home from work to get home so I could be home when Iz left MDO.

I heard the door open as I was doing Valentine’s chores (you know – giving love to the laundry, the floors, etc) and heard a little voice yell, “Keeiiiisssseeerrr (aka Keiser our boy dog)! Daaaaiidddyy (aka Daisy our girl dog) where are you??”

I saw my littlest Valentine – hair messed up, clutching her sippy cup, and ready to make a mess in the house I just cleaned – smile when she saw me. She yelled ,”Mommmmmy!” and ran up to me.

Ugh – crushes my heart. Truly – that simple act crushes me. Like a good physical pain – emotions that are all sorts of gigantic that it feels like my heart is exploding.

So, instead of an afternoon of doing nothing – we went for a family walk, read books, colored, played on the slide, watch Gabba, shed tears, pulled on dogs tails, had a dinner where the main course was ketchup, took a bath with squeaky friends, cried during the tooth brushing, said our prayers, and finally went night-night.

Best Valentine’s Day Ever.