We do it in the bedroom.

We do it on the couch.

We do it in the car – back seat not the front since there’s more room.

We’ve done it in a bathroom.

Yup – we’ve done it a lot places.

“It” being breastfeeding…

What did you think “it” was?
{get your mind out of the gutter blog reader}

What I hate most – is that I’ve felt the need to go to a public bathroom to feed Izzy. There have been times where I’ve forgotten a bottle but luckily I didn’t forget my breastesses – and she had to eat. So, I’d have to get all Macgyver and figure out how and where I could do this.

And this fact – makes me sad. I thought I could be all worldly and whip out the ladies in public but I’ve been given the stink eye by strangers when I tried nursing her covered up. And I know it’s my own self consciousness but I can’t help but be apprehensive.

And when you think about it – you wouldn’t stick a toddler in a public restroom, make her open up her lunch box and eat her sandwich and apple while sitting on a toilet.

And when you really think about it – when most women nurse it’s done so discreetly – and many times under a blanket or hooter hider.

And then when you really, really think about it – the things tweens and teens wear these days – they are showing more skin than I ever would. (This also has to do with the fact that I am no longer a size 2, have a jello belly, and my breastesses could be on the cover of National Geographic…sorry…got off topic again…)

Nursing in public – N.I.P. – so taboo.

It’s sad to think that many women who feel the same way as I do feel trapped and chained to their little one since I feel the need to rush home and nurse her. When in reality, we should feel good about our choice to breastfeed and when it’s time to nurse again – we shouldn’t feel ashamed to do it while we’re on the go.

But, again…lots of it is in my head, my self consciousness…but someone had to put those feeling of inadequacy there…and I blame the media and society….

Blaming the media is like the new black…very en vogue….

Hopefully with breastfeeding making a comeback I hope others will realize that it shouldn’t be taboo and women like me get the courage to do what’s best for their child – no matter where they are.


  1. Lisa Parsons says:

    That was so me….I was queen of the dressing room feedings! I wish I wasn't that way but that's how we rolled. Very refreshing blog!

  2. Love this post. You can nurse around me whenever you want! I nursed in the middle of a mall once just to be obnoxious.

  3. You know what – we need this post on BurbMom…can I steal it? Can I?