We high fived!

Iz had her 15 month visit on Friday.

15 months…

Where did it go?

I watched Iz in the waiting area play with the toys. I watched her and my mind wandered back to her very first visit to her doctor.

I remember thinking how slooooow time was going. How tired I was. How utterly incapable I felt.

But we made it.

Iz is so much more than I could have every wished.

She’s been every answered prayer – spoken and unspoken.

The nurse called her name and she walked into the room like a big girl.

She was weighed and measured.

Weight: 20 lbs (10th percentile)
Height: 31 inches (75th percentile)

Her doctor walked in, looked at her chart, and exclaimed, “Yay! She’s finally 20 lbs!”

And we high fived 🙂

Iz has always been a little bitty bug and we we’ve been keeping an eye on her weight making sure she was on track.

It doesn’t matter – breast fed or formula fed (I did both) – she grew exactly how she needed to.

She’s my long, skinny baby bug.

She’s a big, little girl.

I look at her and see her baby features still. I also look at her and see her turning into a kid.

She’s the expert at testing her limits. Loves to tell me no. Eats like a champ. Loves to read books. Loves to be chased. Loves to play outside.

She says about 30 words. Kicks a ball. Pulls on dogs tails. She’s almost grown up.

She is in love with her Daddy and asked “Daddy?” all day. She runs to the bedroom and yells, “Daddy?” Then runs to the front door and asks for “Daddy?” again.

The she looks at me, defeat on her face, and says in sad voice, “Daddy?”

But when she hears the garage door open at 4:30 pm – she runs to the back garage door – and yells with excitement “DAAAADDDY!!”

And, then, I become non-existent. It’s nothing but Daddy.

Craig is such a great Dad. He is so patient. He smooths her hair back when he reads her book (while she’s cuddled up in his lap), gives her a kiss on the head, and says sadly “I can’t believe you’re going to be big one day and not want to do this.”

He feels it too. Time moving exponentially. The inevitable approaching us. A day without kisses, a moment without squeals, a time when we’re no longer her best buds.

We cherish it as much as two people can. We try to focus on today and enjoy every second of her – tantrums and all.

I totally understand now when I hear parents say their kids will always be their babies. Because I will always see Iz as my baby. Even when my baby has babies….

It’s too fast…


  1. She is absolutely adorable!!!! I am so glad I have been able to get to know you and love the fact that you and Elizabeth are good friends.
    JB…or better known as Gigi to Gracie and Libby
    PS I want your pasta recipe! It was awesome.