We made it!

Iz’s first birthday was a huge success.

It was an action packed day of swimming, laughing, playing…and you know what…NO crying!

Approaching her first birthday was like preparing to speak in front of a crowd. Well…for me anyways.

I dread speaking in front of people. Utterly dread it. I get all nervous, start sweating, forget my speech…but once I am in the throws of it…I really love it. Weird.

I got choked up once while we were singing “Happy Birthday” at her party. But, really, her birthday was about celebration!

Celebrate a joyous year of surpassing milestones, conquering fears, growing up (me..and her).

I was surrounded by family and friends. I say “I” – and not “Iz” because the people that came – I know came to support me and Craig, too. They came to celebrate not only Iz’s 1st birthday but to celebrate mine and Craig’s first year as parents.

Thank you to all that came to celebrate Iz’s first birthday!