What should you pray for?

I’ve had many people ask how they can help me if they don’t pray.  I respect their honesty.  A relationship with God is so personal and it’s never my place to tell someone, “you need to pray to God” – it’s only my place to live my life in a way that is one of example for others to live their life. I can only hope and pray that what I do as an imperfect person brings someone to my perfect Jesus.

So, if you don’t pray.  Send love and light our way.  Think positive thoughts.  Picture my boy going home with us, back in his bouncy chair, squealing with excitement when Daddy gets home.  Envision him saying his first words, see him crawling, seeing him walking, see him on his first day of pre-school, see him on all his first days of school, see him get married, see him having his children.

So…friends…if you pray…what should you pray for (and if you don’t….picture all these things as I do…and smile as I do with joy and hope)….

Pray for a messy, cluttered home…because it means I have my two littles still with me and I just can’t keep up with the cleaning regimen I used to complain about.

Pray for medical bills that pile high…because that means my boy has made it past this surgery and we are on to the next one..whether it’s another heart surgery or his cleft surgeries.

Pray for battles on the phone with insurance companies, medical supply companies, therapy companies…because that means I still get to fight for my boy who’s here thriving.

Pray for exhaustion and sleepless nights…because that means I was up at night with a little boy who decides 3am is playtime or I’m up doing a feed or giving a medication.

Pray for sore backs….because that means that my boy is gaining weight and thriving and he still loves cuddles and being held…which take  toll on our backs but fill our hearts.

Pray for packed schedules…because that means my weeks that I use to dread are filled with doctor visits and therapy visit…which means he’s still here.

Pray for tired feet, sunburned faces, exhaustion filled tantrums, and empty pockets…because that means my family of 4 has gotten to go on our dream vacation to Disney World as a celebration of a successful heart surgery.

Pray for football games.

Pray for cotton candy at the ball park.

Pray for Puffs and Cheerios stuck in floor boards and car seats.

Pray for Lego towers and Tonka trucks to riddle our home.

Pray for piles of laundry filled with dirty onesies, bibs full of drool, and towels that have cleaned up spit up.

Pray for all the firsts I’ve yet to witness with him…words, steps, “I Love You Mama…”

Pray for the little things…because that means the prayers and the positive thoughts for the big things….

—the successful open heart surgery by his surgeon and care team

—the protection of his vital organs and his brain

—the recovery free of infection and complication


…have been answered.



  1. Lisa Hicks says:

    Hi Czarina,

    I came across your blog from my friend, Elizabeth Yates. I have read every post from you since the day she told me about your sweet baby and family. I do pray every day and I am more than happy to include Evan in my prayers! He is a precious baby and I can tell he is so happy and loves his sister and mommy and daddy. I pray that the doctors schedule his surgery very soon and that all goes as planned. I know that the unknown is the hardest, but, just remember GOD will get you all through and he is with Evan every step of the way! I cannot wait to read your post once the surgery is done and your sweet baby is back in your arms. God bless you all.

  2. Yesenia Puente says:

    LOTS AND LOTS of Praying for you and your little brave warrior.Keep your head high and big smile because God will give you all this and more with your little warrior.All the restless nights,and that feeling of aches in heart will go away.I don’t know why,but I have that feeling.I will pray for God to be the chief and head surgeon for your baby.I wish i had an other way of communicating with you Czrina:) <3 Yesenia Puente

  3. Praying for all those things for your family.

    I love reading your thoughts. You write so well!!!

  4. I love this – it is so well written and absolutely beautiful! Your family is in our prayers.

  5. I see your posts through Katie Burgess Brooks facebook postings, and I pray for you and your family every time I do. What you write here has brought you and your family many prayers that you will never know.