Wii wish you a merry Christmas…

First the best story (and kind of sad) from Christmas…

I walk into my parent’s house and Garrett (my 7 year old nephew) runs up to me and is sooo excited to show me his new toys Santa got him. He was VERY proud of a plastic army tank and all the army men. But, the tank had lots of breakable parts, so all afternoon and evening his dad kept getting onto him about being careful with the tank or he’d be in trouble if it broke. They’re trying to teach him that all these “things” cost money and not everything can be replaced.

The night goes on and we open gifts (Half-pint Hounsel got a Wii – yippee), enjoy dinner, etc. I notice that Craig and Garrett aren’t downstairs. I walk upstairs into a bedroom and see Garrett looking down at the ground and Craig with the tank in his hands. Craig looks up at me and shows me a little door…that he broke off the tank. OH NO! I felt sooooo bad for Garrett. All night he had been careful with his toy and MY 30 YR OLD HUSBAND BREAKS IT!!! Craig said when he broke it Garrett looked at him with tears in his eyes and said “This is the WORST Christmas EVER!”
Poor Gare-bear…we told him we’d get him a new one – but he looked us right in the eye and said “Tita Rina – you can’t get me a new one – SANTA brought it for me!”
Man I felt bad.

On a happier note…we had a fantabulous Christmas filled with making Rice Krispy treat houses, candy, gifts and the Wii. The freaking, amazing, Wii and Wii fit – Craig and I are addicted. We plan on having a Wii Olympics as a house warming party…oh yeah…I think we may have a house…just waiting to close…more on that later. The Wii is much more important!

The Crew
Sofia and I …she’s much more interested in the candy eating
Me and Garrett – umm – we weren’t eating the candy 🙂
Me and Maddie – ok – her sweet face can’t lie – we WERE eating the candy
The fruits of our labor – YUM
Craig getting his Wii on (ew – that sounded kinda dirty)


  1. Poor Garrett…and poor Craig! I bet he felt awful!