Will drive for birthday cake

We went on yet another road trip this weekend.

Ok – not really a road trip – but it sure as heck felt that way!

Our good friends the Mac’s celebrated sweet Jonah’s 2 year old birthday! I remember holding that sweet baby like it was just yesterday. Jonah had his birthday at Little Gym. Of course – Isabelle had to wear her workout gear since she was headed to the gym. But since she’s so little, me and Craig had to help her with the gym apparatuses (or is the plural – apparati???).

Since we were heading over to other side of the metroplex – we also decided to visit my best bud Stacy and Charleigh (Craig was excited to see Joe – those two boys lurrrrrrrrrrve each other).

We miss seeing them – when we lived on the east side of town we’d see each other at least twice a month – now….sigh…not so much.

I am pretty sure if we lived closer – Isabelle and Charleigh would already be having sleep overs. Of course – us mommies – me and Stacy would probably be orchestrating games of “Light as a feather – stiff as a board,” making up dance routines to Lady Gaga, and prank calling boys we like (pretty much we’d just call Joe and Craig and hang up a lot).

We miss our friends on the east side!

Isabelle looks like an Asian Gangsta in her Puma warm up (Craig calls this her Miami retirement outfit)

Me and Iz (so what if I want a pink velour warm up suit like Isabelle has)

Birthday fun!

The girls

Daddy and Iz (Craig was weirded out by the Little Gym – the parachute freaked him out)

Isabelle on the uneven bars (I just realized how scared she looks in this pic)

Olympics 2028 – here we come!!!