Witnessing history

(from msnbc.com)

I am watching the Inauguration today of President Barack Obama.
My political views are conservative – probably more Republican – but today is not the day to be Red or Blue or even in the middle….today is a day to be an American.

I am an immigrant to this beautiful country. I am the the story of the immigrant family – a family of 5 that came here with very little means but with much hope for a better life. I chose to become a citizen – not blessed to have been born a U.S. citizen – so this day means so much to me.

This day is the essence of the American dream. Finally – the blinders of the American people have been lifted off our eyes – the blinders of racial disparity, inequality – today is the day we unite as one.

I pray today that this unity carries through to the days, the years, the generations after us. I pray that no matter what your political view – you pray and stand behind the great position of President of the United States. I pray for President Obama – that he leads this great, powerful, hopeful country in the spirit of positive change that many are yearning for. I pray that President Obama turn to the Father for guidance and strength.

Our time – America – is today to show the world that hope can carry our great country to the land we know it can be and the land we are proud to pass down for generations to come.

God bless America.


  1. LittlePeopleWealth says:

    What an amazing picture!