Woot woot

I’m crazy.

I am trying my darndest to get excited about a trip to Europe.


You read right. I’m trying to excited about going to Europe. Not trying to get excited about going to the dentist…or to the va-jay-jay doc….

To Europe.

I never thought I’d dread a week with Craig exploring a new exciting city, learning the history, and getting time to just be carefree with the love of my life.

Then I had Iz.

And all of a sudden my world became bottles, and bibs, and Nick Jr., and Mac N Cheese, and chasing around a toddler as she tried to put her fingers in sockets, tried to eat dog hair, and dog _______.

The dreading part – really is mainly the missing that I’m going to be doing when we’re away from Iz. Even on her worst day, I can’t wait to see her and can’t get enough of her.

Ok – now that’s exaggerating. I do enjoy time apart from her when I go to work. I do enjoy the occasional afternoons free of Iz.

But a whole week!

What am I going to do? What am I going to do without her sweet kisses that are mainly open mouthed slobber fests?
What am I going to do without her scrunch face smile?
…or her constant “talking” about nothing?
….or her contagious laughter?
…or her little dance that is full out knee bending and arms flapping?

What am I going to do?
…without her tantrums?
…without her night wakings?
…without her clingy, spider monkey attachment?
…without having to take care of another human being?


I guess I’ll explore.

I guess I’ll learn about the history of Germany.

I guess I’ll experience the awe and beauty of the Bavarian Alps.

I guess I’ll get to have a conversation with the hubs without worrying about meal time, naptime, bathtime, bedtimes….

I guess I’ll get to witness an amazing Passion Play.

I guess I’ll get to be carefree in Amsterdam….blush as I walk through the red light district, reconnect with my best friend, and be transformed into a true Dutch (…or is it Dutchess??) as I look at windmills and wear clogs.

Ok….so I can do Europe.

I’m excited. I’m sad about leaving Iz for a week.

But, it’s Europe.

Woo freakin’ hoo!