You are cordially invited

It’s been a busy month.
We’ve gone to birthday parties, ridden trains, played, worked, gotten sick, the whole shebang.

First plane ride!

We’ve laughed, we’ve cried, we’ve eaten Turkey.

But the most magical time of the year crept up on us.

A tree only decorated with non-breakable ornaments. Thus..only the top half is done (but even good things don’t have bottoms on…just as Britney or Paris)
The Christmas season.

The time of the year where songs about mistletoe, Santa, grandmas getting run over by reindeer rule the airwaves – and it’s awesome.

The time of year where the air is crisp and cool 60 degrees (hey – we’re in Texas), knitted hats
are worn,

and baby fake Uggs are worn.

It’s the time of year where enjoying one’s company is much more important than doing laundry

or buying real food.

It’s that time where we recollect of the moments of the past we’ll cherish forever,

where everyone gets along (even angels angels and puppies),

and where we’re reminded that family is heaven sent.

It’s Christmas.


As difficult as it may be, I try not to think about the Incident from last year.

You know…

You remember…

But, it’s through moments of difficult times that all too often people are brought together.

And it was through The Incident that two people fell in love.

So, I’ll recount the events of the recent union that came about from last year’s dramatic events.

You were cordially invited to the union of: German Man and the Irish Girl

Although the countdown was supposed to be for Christmas, the Irish bride insisted it was a countdown to the wedding….can you say bridezilla!!!

Everyone was invited.

The Mexican and the Korean showed up together.

And I heard it through the grapevine that they are set to be married as well. You know what they say…”once you go Asian…there’s no use in changin’.”

Celebrity sightings were in abundance.

Santa showed up and showed everyone up with all the gifts he brought…

The union was going to be performed by our old friend the Pope.

Everyone was on guard…and the victims of last year’s Incident stayed perched high above, away from the gentle little giant…

The little giant that was supposedly behind bars.

But, there are rumors of her escape…with the help of a monkey.

Some say they see her banished with the animals.

Rumor also has it that even though she was pardoned by Saint Nick last year, she was behind bars for a more serious offense….climbing on the adult furniture and drawing on the table.

A crime so severe that she was forced to be the music man for the German and Irish wedding.

Security was in high at this V.I.P event.

The cavalry showed up again

with the help of the Officer and the Fireman.
*Although I have it on good authority that the Fireman was really an – ahem – act for the Irish girl’s bachelorette party and not REALLY a fireman…bow chick a bow wow*

Because of the rumor of the little giant’s presence, back up was called.

People from all over the place showed up.
Like the real German – he says he may be short but you know what they say about guys with small shoes…
…they bring big beer to make you forget…

Many took the train.

Other’s traveled through time…

But, all went off without a hitch..or is a hitch since they got hitched?

And we’ll celebrate another successful holiday!

Merry Almost Christmas!

Ho, Ho, Ho!


  1. Lisa Parsons says:

    Awesome! I remeber last years incident well…