31 Days to go…

Morning, Little One!

You know who loves you? Ok – don’t guess me…who else do you think?

Who talks to you every night?

Who lays their hand on my belly and tries to get you to kick?

Who worked so hard on your room by painting the walls, assembling furniture, and moving and re-moving that furniture until it looked right?

DADDY – that’s who!!

You know what, Sweet Girl. We are going to need to be patient with him. You’ll learn that I am a perfectionist and have a tendency to be really hard on myself and then expect everyone around me to meet those expectations. Well – it’s good and bad. It’s good because I don’t settle for things getting half-way done, I put try my hardest to put in 100% in everything I do (projects, relationships, friendships), etc.

Being a Dad is going to be a whole new experience for your Daddy. He is THE most loving, patient, kind, hardworking man I know. He loves me and loves you so much already.

He’s a big dude – so he worries about you being so small. He doesn’t want to do anything wrong and accidentally hurt you. But, I remind him that babies are much more “sturdy” than we realize and I know he’ll be gentle with you.

This weekend – he practiced being a Daddy.

He installed the car seat bases in the cars. Now, even though we still have to get our cars detailed and cleaned – he just wanted to practice. Then, after he installed the bases – he practiced putting the car seat in and out of the car. It took him a little longer to figure out how to snap the car seat in the base – but you know what – he did it! We’re going to work on putting a baby doll in and strapping it in the seat so he gets practice using all those dang straps.

I told him we’ll have lots of practice when you’re actually here – but he was pretty insistent on practicing and continued to say “She’s just going to be so little and I don’t want to do it wrong.”

Daddy loves you. And watching him become a father makes me love him in a whole new way. We are still in awe at the miracle that you are. I love that you’ll be part of him and part of me. I hope you know how incredibly blessed we are to have the man in our life be as amazing as your Daddy.

We love you, Izzy! For now, keep growing!!

Hmm…ok – let’s do this!

Ok – I have no clue….