4 days to go…

“Yo, yo Baby…what’s your sign???”

If you hear this Sweet Girl from a guy who is wearing too much cologne with his shirt unbuttoned with his gold herring bone chain dangling from his neck….run, ruN, RUN away as fast as you can!

But, now that we have your birthday – this of course is dependent on the fact that you’ll actually come on June 22 and not before – I know your astrological sign.

I don’t put a lot of stake into these things since I really don’t believe in looking at the “stars” to determine who you’re going to be. But, it really is interesting to see if someone “fits” their sign.

Since you’ll be a Cancer here’s what I found out about you being born on this day:

“You really have very less troubles taking care of a cancer baby as they are quiet independent from a young age. They like colors and pictures and they love the different tastes of delicious foods and drinks. They are attention seekers and love to hugged and cared.

Cancer babies are known to have frequent mood changes and if they suffer any kind of rejection, they will withdraw into themselves. They also have a reputation of getting the things they needed by using tears as an emotional blackmailing tool.

The cancarian babies are small delightful individuals and their mood changes reflect in their faces. these imaginative little ones will thrive when given a lot of attention and caring. They are disciplined and well mannered. This makes it easy to manage a cancarian child. From a small age itself, the leadership qualities of a cancarian child starts to show up.

When parenting a Cancer child, give constant support and assurance to overcome situations. The danger of with drawing to themselves should be avoided and this requires your constant support in matters of rejections and fearful situations. The cancarian child will excel in fields that involves a lot of creativity like music, painting acting etc.”

– from indianhindunames.com

Ok – so from I get from this is that you’ll be pretty easy going, adventurous when it comes to food, but you’ll need a lot of reassurance that you’re loved or you’ll withdraw and you may use tears to get what you want (hmmm…I smell a drama queen!)

I love the fact that you’ll be independent, disciplined and well mannered and love to explore but you’ll need lots of attention. And I love that you’ll need a parent that will constantly need support and assurance from me and Daddy.

This sounds a lot like me! Haha!

I am so excited to meet you and get to know who you’re going to be, how you’re going to be, and what you’ll grow up to be! I love you, Iz! Keep on growing!!