42 Days to go….6 weeks left!!!

Hi, Baby Girl!

I really love the fact that our family is back together.

Your dog brother, Keiser, came back to us on Friday. We were able to pick him up at the vet hospital on Friday. He was eager and so excited to see us.

Daddy and Keiser in your room

His battle wounds aka shaved paws where his I.V. was 🙁

My sweet Keiser boy

Keiser is 8 years old. In dog years – that’s about 56-60 years old. So, he’s an older dog and it hit Daddy and I really hard that we could have lost our sweet boy. But, it made us realize how short our time is with Keiser and even Daisy. As hard as the few days were when he was in the hospital, it made me realize that loving someone (or in this case some pup) is absolutely unconditional. Yes, dogs are dogs and they are just animals. They don’t tell us they love us even though they can show excitement and some affection. They don’t tell us thank you for caring for them, feeding them, and loving them. They rely on us for everything. Essentially, we’re all that they have.

Ok – now this is a stretch. But, in a way having these dogs has prepared Daddy and I for you. Of course we can’t throw at a treat at you and block you off in the living room while we run out for a few hours. But, it has shown us that we are capable of loving and caring for someone without getting any kind of reassurance, feedback, or rewards.

When you’re just an itty bitty baby – fresh out of the womb – you’ll rely on Daddy and I for everything. You’ll need us to feed you, care for you, love you – and you won’t be able to really communicate with us your needs and acknowledge the work that we’re doing to care for you.
We will be giving our all – and loving every moment of it – because we already love you unconditionally.

I am getting nervous and excited about when you get here. It’ll be here so soon!

For now, keep growing Sweet Girl!