49 days (7 weeks) to go…

Hi, Little One!

Today is Mother’s Day.

I know I call myself your Mommy – and I am. But I really wanted to make sure that today wasn’t a big deal for me. I am so thankful for the calls, emails and cards I got for being a Mommy-to-Be but it kind of feels like cheating to me to celebrate Mother’s Day.

I am your Mommy – I take care of you, feed you, make sure you’re safe, make sacrifices for you – already – and you’re not even here. But, I know how I become is going to change when you get here and I wanted to save our first Mother’s Day for next year when you’re actually with us.

Daddy wanted to get me something – but I was pretty adamant about not making today a big day for me. I have my Mom (your Nana), my sisters, and so many friends who are Mommies that I want to celebrate. But, I celebrate the fact that I have friends who are also pregnant with their Little Ones – and to me – they are already Momma’s.

But, today is special because I realized that you are responsible for giving me this new responsibility in life. You are going to make me a mother. That’s pretty neat 🙂

I love that we are going to share that special bond soon – that I share with my Mom. My Mom is pretty amazing. She has sacrificed so much for our family, worked hard to become the great physician she is, and is now not only my Mom but my friend.

I love how our relationship has changed through the years and how she gets to experience being a grandmother to you. I love that her example, her mistakes, her accomplishments have made me the person I am today and the mold for motherhood that I want to follow.

So, Sweet Girl – let’s celebrate Mother’s Day when you get here – because that’s the day that I’ll really and truly feel and be your Mommy.

For now…keep growing!