#5…wait…that can’t be right…CAN IT!!!

5 days left…


Stand back burrito….mathematicians put your rulers and compasses back in your pocket protector….

I didn’t forget how to count backwards…

So – what’s the deal?

Ok Izzy….ready to tell your faithful blog readers???

We had our weekly visit with our doctor yesterday. I was telling Daddy that I was nervous for some reason. As usual, Daddy was just calm, cool and collected as I sat there with my bare a_ _
sitting on the reclining chair nervous as can be.

The doctor came in and we proceeded with the torture…um…I mean exam.

Looks like you’ve nestled you’re sweet little head right where it needs to be and you got a sweet little pat from the doctor. My cervix is very soft and thinned out and I’m still 1 cm dilated (sorry ya’ll…there’s no other way to say it).

So we discussed our options. It isn’t a secret that the doctor has been watching me closely for health reasons and really wanted me to get to 37 weeks before we discussed inductions. Because, you, my sweet daughter, are a rock star – you listened to Mommy and now we’ll be 39 weeks in a few days. So……in the event you DON’T arrive on your own this week…we’ll be inducing you on Monday, June 22.

Yuppers…Monday, June 22….5 days from today!

I’m sorry, Little One, if you could hear my thoughts when I heard the news that you’d be joining us so soon. I know – it is inevitable – but I know the thoughts you may have heard from me were probably not the ones you expected.

Yes – Sweet Girl – I am scared. I am nervous about labor and delivery. I am worried about how Daddy and I are going to adjust. I am still so freaking selfish and hate that I won’t have me time or just Daddy and me time. What if you come out, take a look around, and decide that you’d rather still be in my ute? What if our dogs shun you? What if you cry and I can’t soothe you? What if…

But, Iz….did you also hear my thoughts as I laid in bed last night? Did you hear me in my head about how excited I am to hold you for the first time? Did you hear me as I looked at Daddy and thought how excited I am about getting to love you since you’re part of him? Did you hear me as I ran through thoughts of all the firsts I’ll get to experience with you – first smile, first words, first steps? Did you, Little one? Did you hear me???

The next five days I’ll be focusing and praying extra hard about your arrival, for Daddy and I as we transition to parenthood, for our marriage, for your health and development.

Let’s ask our blog readers to do the same…

So…please blog readers – keep us in your thoughts and prayers these next days as we prepare for the arrival of our sweet daughter!

But, Iz…for now…your job is the same…just keep on growing!!!


  1. Cody and Adeline says:

    You will do great during labor! And I know you will be an amazing mother. I have no doubt about that. This little girl is already so loved! I know you have family and many good friends but you know you can call me anytime and I'll come help you out, or listen to your worries, or try to give advice,… Oh and I almost forgot to mention that June 22nd couldn't be a better birthday for her!!! I will be 30 that day! We are praying for you guys and her! You are about to experience a miracle!

  2. YAY!!!!! The day has finally come!!! Don't stress about it too much…trust me…being a mother just comes naturally! It may seem scary, but the minute you see that sweet face, all of the fear dwindles away and your mommy instinct just kicks in! And just wait till you see Craig lay his eyes on sweet Izzy! You will fall in love with him all over again. Nothing is more beautiful than watching your husband become a father. Everything about it is just amazing…a miracle! Good luck!