54 Days to go…

Hi Little One!

You are dancing around and wiggling like the rock star you are! I love it!

You know what I can’t wait for?

Is to dress you.

I know – so silly. But, little girls are fun. There is sooo much that goes to an outfit – not just the actual clothes.

We have hair bows, little hats/bonnets, cute shoes….ooohh how fun!

You already have 10 hair bows. I’m making you a Texas Tech hair bow to wear, a Mavs, Dallas Cowboy, and Arsenal bows.

You’ll have a bow in on your head the moment you pop out.

I want to dress you up and be as girly as me because you may not have my girly side when you get bigger. You may be rock and roll like your Daddy, a tomboy who loves nothing more than to be by your Tatay, Abuelo, or Daddy, or just really not interested in hair bows and accessories (::wiping tears away::).

But know this, you’ll be loved no matter what. So for now, just humor me and let me dress you up. And don’t laugh if I try to find something similar to what you’re wearing because I want us to look alike…

Just keep on growing, Sweet Girl!