59 Days to go…

Hi, Little One…
Did you think I forgot about you??

I know – it’s a late post today but rest assured you were not forgotten.

I had a busy day today with your Aunt Shauna, went to Whole Foods to make dinner for your Abuelo and Abuela, and then I got home and felt very, very, very tired.

I decided to lay down and then woke up with Daddy walking into the bedroom. I had been asleep for about an hour and a half. I am praying that you’re just hitting a growth spurt and that’s what’s taken all my energy and that I’m not coming down with something.

I have so much I want to write about, Sweet Girl, but Mommy is tired today.

I’ll leave you with this. I think I’m starting to get what motherhood is about. Even when you’re at the peak of exhaustion and you’re so tired that you can barely keep your eyes open – you realize there is someone depending on you to be there. Yes – it is silly that I felt that I needed to get up out of bed and get on the computer to write to you. But, in my heart, it’s a promise I made to you to write and chronicle our 100 days til you arrive and I wasn’t going to break that promise just because I was tired.

I see that as a itty bitty piece of Mommy-hood…how mom’s must feel all over the world…knowing that someone is constantly needing them in whatever capacity. What a huge job but also – a really great feeling.

So, Baby girl, keep on growing and if it’s you that’s making me so tired…I will gladly let you zap every piece of energy I have to make sure you’re getting bigger and staying healthy.

Love you!