65 Days to go….

Good morning, Little One!

First, let me tell you how loved you are and how blessed our family is to have people in our lives that really love and pray for us. It’s important that not only do we ask people to pray and remember to pray but to thank those for the prayers and thank God for answering prayers (no matter what His answer is). So, thanks blog readers for your emails, phone calls, and comments. And no worries, seriously, everything is going to work out according to His plan.

Last night we had a great time! I had never really felt big and pregnant until last night. We went to the Mavericks game with Tatay and Nana. Daddy and I LOVE those Mavs and feel so blessed that they always take us to games. We really loved it since they whooped the Spurs in game 3 of the playoffs!Tatay and Nana – not sure what she’s looking at

I’m having hot flashes so I felt really woozy and uncomfortable. Everything seemed magnified – the sounds were louder, lights were brighter, people more annoying…

Us – he’s such a hottie!

We had awesome seats – about 10 rows up behind the Mavs bench. So, I got to see my boyfriend, er, Dirk – up close and personal. He looked at me, smiled, and saw my baby belly and said to himself, “Guten Tag – I will win this game for you my Asian princess. Yah!”
I am SURE of it!

Daddy got to see his man crush too – Jet was on the runway – and took awhile to take off but he did his job and scored us some points.

Mavs strategy huddle

I also saw a side of Daddy I hadn’t seen. He seemed more protective of the both of us. More so than normal. It was very sweet. We also bought your first piece of Mavs gear.
Overall – it was a GREAT night!

So – keep growing Sweet Girl – get ready for a big game on Saturday!