68 Days to go…

Morning, Baby Girl!

You had a pretty bad case of the hiccups last night 🙁 Poor thing, but, I couldn’t help but smile every time my belly moved when you hiccuped…I thought it was really cute!

We visited our specialist yesterday and so far everything still looks so good. We’ll be seeing the doctor every week until you become an outside baby 🙂

My blood pressure was still good (thank God), you had a strong heart beat (137 BPM), your little feet and hands were moving around (I like to think you were “jumping” up and down trying to say hi to me!), and the cutest thing – you were either chewing or sucking on something – and I saw your little face move. You have the sweetest little lips – and there you were – smacking away!
Your fluid levels were good, too. So, I feel really blessed that everything is going well so far.

I gained 2 lbs in a week. Normally, I would allow vanity to take over and freak out – but now my doctor and I are concerned with the weight gain because it could mean by body is trying to retain water which could be dangerous for my blood pressure. So, I was told to “take it easy” and we’ll monitor my weight every visit. I’m just going to continue to eat well, walk and try to not be the worry wart that I am.

I want to be healthy for you and Daddy – so I’m going to do my part…you just keep on growing, Little One!

It’s you, Baby Girl!!!
week 30