75 Days to go….

Hi Sweet Little One….

I think you’re hitting a growth spurt because I’ve been extra tired lately. I’m known as a morning person. I love nothing more than getting up around 6am and starting my day. I love having lists of things to do and checking off what needs to get done. But lately, I’ve been very, very tired. I think it’s God’s way of making me sleep and rest before you get here since you’ll keep me busy and sleep-deprived once you get here. So, for tiredness – thank God!

This past weekend, we hosted a baby shower for one of your future boyfriends. The Millers are having a baby boy for you! They are due June 22 – so a few days before you’re supposed to arrive.

Stacy, Me, Mel, Silvana, Heather and Andrea

It was a lot of fun. I laughed a lot – much to the expense of my “pregnant” brain. I’m normally pretty quick but I had to really think about the questions people were asking me. But, it was still tons of fun.

Baby carriage I made – cute, huh?

I think what’s great is that I was surrounded by women where most of them are moms already. They were able to share stories, offer advice, and really offer support for Silvana and I. I feel so blessed to have them in my life and know that they’ll get plenty of calls when you get here.

Silvana and I would look at each other during the shower and give each other the “oh my God, what have we gotten ourselves into and who in the world is trusting us with a human life” look. But, we’ll both do our best to be the best parents.

Oh sweet Baby, it’s going to be an adventure. Keep growing! Daddy and I love you!

Me and Andrea
Heather, Allie and Charleigh

Silvana and Me
Meredith and your BFF Charleigh