79 Days to go…

Time is flying, Baby Girl!

Did you know I was born in 1979?? I know – I’m ancient and I’ll older seem older and more uncool the older you get. But for now, we’re best buds!

Time has changed so much and will continue to change as you grow.

Here’s what the biggest events of ’79 were:

Sony introduces the Walkman
Cost of a gallon of Gas 86 cents
Average Cost of new house $58,100.00

United States President Jimmy Carter

Movies of 1979:
Star Trek: The Motion Picture

Today – well – things have changed quite a bit

Biggest music medium – iPhone – you can listen to music, talk on the phone, search the internet, fax, play games….
Average cost of gas $2.25 gal
Average home costs (in TX) in 2009 – $147,000

President Barack Obama

A movie coming out in 2009 – Star Trek!

Can you imagine how things will be when you’re 30? By that time, you’ll probably already have your Bachelor’s degree, Master’s Degree, and PhD or M.D. And at 30, Daddy will PROBABLY start letting you date…but we’ll see.

I love you, Little One and know that no matter where time takes us…Daddy and my love for you..TIMELESS (yes…even I think this is cheesy).

*Pics from Wikipedia and People’s History.com*