83 Days to go…

We had a great time in Lubbock, Little One. We visited your Tita Candice, Uncle John Mark and your cousins Garrett and Maddie.

We had a jam packed day on Saturday of sports. Soccer for Maddie in the morning and baseball in the afternoon for Garrett – all in 64 MPH winds!

Maddie’s team won in the last quarter….the wind helped quite a bit!

Maddie and me

Maddie getting ready for the game to start – so cute!

Garrett’s team was up 9-3 and needed one more out in the 5th inning (they only play 5 innings). Garrett was playing pitcher – which in machine pitch – pretty much means you stand at the pitcher’s mound and wherever the ball gets hit – the players would normally throw to him and then he’d throw to whatever base the runner was going to to get an out. In a wild throw to him, the ball hit him in the knee and he went down. It was scary at first and had to get carried off the field. He went back into the game as short stop after the tears were dried. But, the other team took advantage of the Garrett being out (he IS their BEST player of course – but I’m not bias or anything) and came back to tie the game 9-9.

Garrett on the pitcher’s mound
He hit a single and eventually went on to score!

It gave Daddy and I a glimpse of what our future will be like when you get older and start to play sports, have dance classes/gymnastics, etc…It is going to be busy, busy, busy!

I wonder if you’ll have Daddy’s athletic ability? Will you have my sense of rhythm and awesome dancing ability 🙂 ?

Will you have the competitive drive like I do or more like Daddy who isn’t as cut throat as me?

Daddy and I being silly

One thing’s for sure – you’ll be introduced to every sport we can think of. Our home is filled with sports year round. English soccer and basketball in the spring, baseball and some basketball in the spring and summer, and then Texas Tech football and Cowboys football in the fall!

What’s so amazing – is that all of this is already determined. Your disposition, likes and dislikes have already been created…now that’s unbelievable!

Keep growing Little One! We love you.


  1. Erin Crista says:

    I love how you’re counting down on your blog – awesome idea! You look wonderful!