93 Days to go…

Did you know Little One that you already have two brothers and sisters? Well – they are mine and Daddy’s 4 legged fur babies.

I’m sure you’ve heard me sing songs to Keiser (your big brother) and Daisy (your big sister). When we listen to your heart beat on my fetal heart monitor, every time they come by and sniff my belly, your heart rate goes up! It’s so cool….bonding with the siblings already!

We go on walks with Daddy every night when he comes home from work. Keiser and Daisy love walking and it’s helped me to stay in a little bit of shape since I can’t really do much at the gym.

They are good guard dogs too – even though they look fluffy and sweet – they watch over us and are very good at deterring strangers at the door.

They are so important to us and want to make sure they stay a part of our family when you arrive. Of course, sweet baby, you are our #1 priority. With my allergies, it is a concern for Daddy and I that you may have some allergies to our fur babies. BUT, that’s one of the reasons we bought this house for you, it has a hospital grade air filtration system. Clean air is a must and we have an awesome vacuum especially for pet hair. Daddy and I have already discussed that if you do have allergies, we’ll tear up all the carpet in our house and put down wood floors so you and the puppies can live together! A bit extreme? We don’t think so!

So, for the about 5 years it’s been me, Daddy, Keiser and Daisy…now we’re just waiting on you to make our family complete!

Anxiously waiting your arrival

Sentinels guarding your room