A picture is worth a thousand prayers.


I have sat down at this computer many times in the past few days to give my list of prayer requests.  I couldn’t figure out an adequate way to convey my heart to you.

My desperate heart.

My pleading heart.

My mother’s heart.

And as I was clearing out my camera, I realized…you need to see what to pray for.

I need you to see why our hearts, voices, and prayers must storm the heavens.

I need you to get glimpse of the everyday…that I want and pray for the rest of the days of my life.

Prayer request in pictures

Evan's Heart

Evan’s planned repair and what to pray for specifically:

Possible complications and things to pray FOR and against:

1 – Pray FOR perfect balance between the right and left sides of this ventricles.  

2  –  PRAY FOR enough tissue to septate the common valve to create  the tricuspid and mitral valves, pray for low pressures in the chambers, pray for NO leaks in the both valves

3 – pray that the correct size of the conduit allows for adequate (not too much, not too little) blood flow to the lungs – pray AGAINST clotting in this valve

4 – pray FOR good connection to the left side of the heart and no leaks where the aorta is sutured to the left ventricle.

5 – Pray for no complications when he disconnects this circuit.

6 – Pray for stress to leave the liver.

7 – pray that septation of the heart will be adequate in where the veins will go. Pray AGAINST the surgeon having to move the veins.

8a, 8b – pray that the surgeon does not disturb the electrical pathway of the heart.  Pray for a regular, sinus rhythm.  Pray AGAINST arrhythmias.


 Pray for this room full of toys and full of everything that is good about childhood to stay filled with laughter.  Pray for more messy days, Lego assaults on barefoot feed, noise of toys getting banged, toys getting thrown, fighting amongst brother and sister for the toy that “was just put down.”


 Once upon a time, I envisioned my kitchen to have beautiful china, matching glassware, and wine and cocktail glasses for every occasion.  Pray that this cabinet stays just as it is.  Pray that this cabinet full of every sippy cup known to man for my boy who only just a year ago learned to drink and eat that he is fully protected to keep his love for eating and drinking.  Pray that my once upon a time….is now my happily ever after with the addition of the real cups and glasses that make this life worth living.



Pray for our Chick Fil A Friday tradition with cousins, Oreos with Lola, cereal and sausage mornings with Tatay and Nana, Sunday dinners at Abuelo and Abuela’s house.  Because, your prayers don’t just affect my little family of four…you are interceding for many hearts that are intertwined with ours.




Pray for more fights and more hugs and more kisses and more love between a little girl that has had to grow up too fast and sacrifice too much. But, she does it because she loves her “little dude.”  Pray for the Halloween she has already planned – her as Elsa and Evan and as Olaf.  Pray for the “construction site” birthday she has decided will be perfect for her 3 year old brother.  Pray for the Christmas dream she had with a bouncy house, pool combo waiting for her and brother on Christmas morning.  Pray for every trip she has planned for our family of four – to the beach, back to Disney World (because Evan needs to see Belle’s cottage!), to Hawaii to meet Lilo and Stitch.  Pray for the one thing she keeps saying to us over and over again, “Mama – when you and Evan come back and his heart is all fixed we will be together again….”

Pray for that.



Pray for baseball in the yard between these two. Pray for the first “guy’s trip” to watch the Ranger’s play.  Pray for soccer watching at 6 am on Saturday. Pray for the moment my best guys see Arsenal play across pond.  Pray for football Sundays while the boys watch the game and the girls do some shopping.  Pray for uncomfortable conversations about girls, crushes, and the rites of passage when a boy becomes a man.


IMG_0175 prayer2

Heavenly Father – my heart cries out to you.

 I know you have given me Evan because you felt like I was the best mother for him.  Can I tell you something?  God, Evan is the best child for me.  He makes me better.  He has shown me things about faith, love and hope that I never knew possible.

As we walk into the fire once again, I pray that through this time of trial you use it to refine my heart.  I pray you show your miracles as only you can do.  I pray for your healing power to be shown through the hands of the surgeon and through his  recovery. I pray you give the surgeons, the doctors, the nurses, his entire care team knowledge to handle any complications quickly and swiftly but always with You guiding each step.

I pray for Evan’s body to adjust to his new circulation so much that his heart beats strong from the moment he is off of bypass until the day he breathes his last breath surrounded by his children and grandchildren.  I pray you breathe life into his lungs with each motion of the ventilator.  I pray his lungs are strong and he breathes on his own quickly because You say he is ready.

I pray for protection over his organs, his liver, his kidneys, and his brain.  I pray for a blanket of protection over his entire body.  I pray for pee!  I pray for poop!  I pray he knows to open his eyes because he hears my voice, wants to see my face, wants to hit me because he’s angry…and I won’t even put him in time out for that.

I pray for protection against infection.  I pray that your protection reaches down into each microscopic cell of his body and that your Angels are fighting for him and with him against anything that can cause him to have complications.

I pray against any bleeding or clotting problems during surgery and in recovery.

I pray for the hearts of those that love him so much.  I pray for Craig, Iz, our families. I pray for my mother’s heart to step aside and allow my heart for you – a daughter’s heart – see and feel comfort in a Father that will make it all better.

I pray for miracles God.  I will never stop asking.  I will never stop believing that You can and will provide all that we need as we need it.

I’m so thankful you brought us to this day for your glory to be shown once again in the tiny, warrior heart that is my boy.

Prayer warriors….let’s get ready to move mountains.


  1. Keep the faith. I will pray for your adorable angel and your family. May you find strength and comfort in Him. Evan is really lucky to have parents like you.. I admire your faith and your strength. God bless… God is good! Looking forward to seeing Evan fully well … My family will pray for your family.

  2. Joining you in these most precious prayers.

  3. Sarah Brooks says:

    Praying Gods hand over sweet Evan! That God uses Evan’s life to reflect and glorify our Father in heaven!!! Praying God uses this family to point people to Him. Praying Evan can be a strong boy that turns into a man that knows WHO has his ALL in control! Sweet Father WE ALL ask in JESUS precious holy name to heal this boy and his heart. That you put your hands in his body and make things work perfectly as you are PERFECT JESUS. IN JESUS NAME AMEN

  4. Allison Celeste says:

    This truly spoke into my soul. You have faith than can move mountains, and trust a God that is powerful and purposeful. Praying for your sweet baby boy, your husband, your daughter, and you of course. Prayers for all the other families and hearts your lives have intertwined with. God, we place Evan into your hands. May you be with him, protect him, and guide this whole procedure. May you orchestrate every Doctor, nurse, anesthetist, and even the hospital equipment to serve their purpose. We pray for peace for this worried Mother’s heart. We pray for patience, understanding, and wisdom to encompass this sweet family. Lord, we pray for victory over Evans heart condition. We pray that even in times as this family is experiencing, that we would stand in your purpose and trust you. We love you heavenly Father, and give you all the glory, honor, and praise. In your Might, Magnificent, Matchless name Lord Jesus we pray, amen!

  5. What a perfect and beautiful prayer. I will pray for all this in addition to peace for you and your family, knowing he is with you. My heart goes out to you all.