What’s this all about?

A love story that starts with a broken heart.  

My husband and I were given the devastating news that our son – to be born in February 2012 – has a congenital heart defect and cleft lip and palate.  Join us in prayer as we go on this journey with our family, friends, and other Heart Warriors – like our son – to find comfort in our God, belief in our Faith, hope in medical science, and peace beyond understanding.

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Faith:  A Christ follower with a hunger to know about my Faith.  I’m a hypocrite, a sinner, a perfectly imperfect person…a true definition of a Christian.  I love learning about other religions and beliefs and truly believe acceptance of other faiths is the way God intended us to live.  I’ve fasted with friends who are Muslim, celebrated the Sabbath with my friends who are Jewish, shared meals over discussions of Hinduism, Buddhism…. talked until the morning hours with dear people who are just as passionate about their God, as I am about mine.

Food:  I’m self proclaimed foodie.  I have “find the best chip” on my list of things to do before I die.  I had formal training at Le Kitchen de Dad at Home.  I love trying new foods, new restaurants, new recipes.  I’m living my dream of owning a bakery….and I have to pinch myself most days since I can’t believe I’m actually doing it!

Family:I’m a hopeless romantic that gets most of my inspiration from tween or young adults novels – usually based in England or has a vampire in it.  But, my personal love story is homegrown…since I married my high school sweet heart.  I’m a mother who feels like a failure on a minute to minute basis.  I am convinced my daughter hung the moon.  I find success in the little things of being parent…and know that laughter is the best way to get through a day.

F* (Fuming):  I like to complain, b*tc# and moan about random things.  I believe blogging is great therapy.  And if you do something ridiculous or mean…you may have special spot in this section…

I’m just a girl…standing in front of her blog…asking you to read it.

– Thanks for going on my journey with me…one “F” word at a time.