Arrival Day Prayers (which is going to be today!)

I just heard from Craig… and Czarina is about to start pushing their sweet baby boy into the world! Czarina asked that I hack into her blog and publish the poem that I wrote for her family.  And since you don’t mess with a woman pushing a baby out, I will do as I am told!

Please join with us in prayer right now for Evan, Czarina, Craig & Iz!


Arrival Day Prayers

Here is a candle that glows so bright
Given to you for you to light
When your baby boy has made his way
Know that many are praying this day.

His heart is so special
God made it that way
He’s going to be a fighter,
Strong and determined, we pray.

This boy is a blessing
All that God makes is good
And He gave him to you
What an honor that He would.

Tears, they may flow
Joy and pain in the same place
But turn to Jesus, friend,
And see His face.

What a special day
His arrival is here
Prayers are going up all around
Let go of the fear.

Our candles will glow so bright
When your boy arrives this day
A Master plan is in place
Many are praying this day.


  1. Welcome to the world to your precious Evan! We are keeping your sweet boy in our prayers and asking for continued strength for him.

  2. What a beautiful poem. Praying for this precious boy and his family~

  3. Congratulaions! I know you love him more than you ever thought you could! He will be so strong and courageous. Just wait and see!