I got up extra early to finish Isabelle’s birthday invitations for her friends at school.

I woke up excited to do them…I love a good craft 🙂

Craig and I wanted to make this birthday extra special for our best girl.  She has gone through a lot this year, too.  The separation when we were in the hospital was really hard on her.  She has anxiety anytime I leave to go somewhere and always asks, “But, Mama…you will be back?”


Last year we had a small birthday for her – just a few of her close friends came over and we swam, had cake, and played.

But after all that has happened with Evan, Craig and I decided that from now on, we celebrate birthdays…really celebrate them.

They are so extra special.  It’s a day that means our family grew.  It’s a day that means an eternal soul joined this world.  It’s a day that God blessed our family and asked us to take care of His special, little Angels.

I make a big deal out of every month birthday for Evan because I know realize how is precious.

Every day.  Every moment.

It’s a scary world to live in when you worry if you’ll get to wish your a child a happy birthday every month much less every year.

So, happy birthdays have to be that, happy days of celebration.  A celebration of life full of cake, ice cream, laughter.

In the heartland, a special boy is turning 1 today.  He has had a very, very hard road,  He has been in the hospital since December and his mama doesn’t expect to be going home soon.

His half a  heart (he has Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome)  is just one of the many things – special – about him.  He has challenges in a lot of areas.  So, today, is a big day.

And it made me cry as I read his Mama’s posts on Facebook as they talked about his “party” that will be in the hospital – surrounded by his family and his hospital family.

It made me cry because this little guy is such a fighter – like all of our heart babies.

It made me cry because I know there are mamas and daddies out there that would give their own life to make sure their baby gets to this amazing milestone.

It made me cry because there are so many heart babies that earn their wings too soon and now celebrate their special day in Heaven.

They fight every single day against a heart that isn’t perfect.  Yet, you’d never know it as you see their faces, full of joy and loving life.

These babies get it.  They are joyful despite their circumstances.

Celebrate those birthdays, friends.  It’s 12 months, 52 weeks, 365 days where your little ones changed, grew up, laughed, cried, lived.