Chimichanga at "On the Border"

…That’s how I celebrated the New Year that brought in the Millenium.

It’s hard to believe that we’re getting ready to bring in 2010.

I was sure on that icy New Year Eve’s, Dec. 31, 1999 – that computers would crash, machines would take over the world, Units would come back into style – all those things that would signal the end of the world…would happen.

But, it was an uneventful night – except for the ice storm that hit DFW – and Craig and I “cheers-ed” over a bowl of queso and basket of chips.

Now – 10 years later – TEN – years later…

Did you ever think you’d see 2010? It seems like a date stamped in sci-fi books and movies – not the reality of the world we live in today.

I’m not quite the person I thought I would be.

I was sure I would be a doctor by now. Living a fast paced life in the City (whatever City – just in the heart of a Downtown in Somewhere, USA), on call as a resident working 36 hour shifts.
I was sure I’d be married/engaged/dating to a man that was career focused – just like me. We’d have the loft style apartment, meet up for happy hours, end the night at the newest and hippest bar – me in my Manolos and Haute Couture…

My, my, my…thank God for unanswered prayers.

I am not a doctor – but went to medical school. I’m living in Suburb, USA, in a 3/2/2, I’m on “call” 24 hours a day/7 days a week and my shifts….well….they don’t end when I put down Bug in her crib. I’m married to a man who has a great career – but his focus – family. Always family – God first – then us. Our “happy hour” is the couple of hours before Iz’s bedtime when we lay on the floor as she plays and sings and laughs….
Our nights end – probably around 10pm – with one of us already asleep – and the other quietly getting into bed and kissing the other one goodnight.

Isn’t it funny how your “Once Upon a Time” has such a different “Happily Ever After?”

The past 10 years have been used well. I soul searched, I chased dreams, I took deep breaths, let go of things I held tightly to I thought I desperately wanted but then embraced the new that I didn’t even realized I NEEDED.

The past 10 years I’ve traveled to the Philippines and saw my roots that grounded me, lived in Dominica for medical school that gave me a whole new perspective on what matters, finally went to Europe with Craig, bought a house, sold a house, lived in an apartment with no hot water, got a dog, got another dog, married the man of dreams, saw my Nation get attacked but bounce back with patriotic fervor that made my heart sing, saw Mother Nature’s wrath in Katrina, wore goucho pants, died my hair blond, joined a sisterhood in college (ZTA!!), joined another sisterhood called motherhood, got an iPod, watched as Brad and Jen ended it, celebrities name their kids after fruit, and Vampires and Wizards would rule the screen (and my heart….blush)….whowouldathunk….

Today – as we leave 2009 and enter 2010 – I can only pray and hope that I get a fraction of the blessings I received in the past 10 years. I am excited to go into the next 10 as a 30 year old mother and wife, entrepreneur, Christ follower, daughter, sister, friend…

Goodbye 2009 – it’s been a great year – full of blessings. Thank you for my experiences, my family, my friendships….every single moment.

Hello, 2010! I can’t wait to see what you have in store for me!


  1. Absolutely the best post I've read about the new year! You are adorable, Czarina!