Craig is going to be a great Dad.

My love for my husband is not something I keep to myself. I also know at times it’s irritating to others around me about how much I praise him or talk about what a great guy he is. At first, I would be hesitant thinking that people would think I was boasting or bragging – but when something is good in other people’s lives – I love to hear about it. I just feel really blessed that what’s really good in my life — is him.

Now that we’re going to be parents, I have been praying for our marriage. Even before I pray for Baby, I pray for us – the “us” that’s Craig and me. We have had our share of hardships and disagreements in our marriage and many more while we were dating – so it’s not all butterflies and rainbows in the Hounsel House. But I struggle with the transition from just married life to parenthood.

Anyways, I see glimpses of the Dad Craig is going to be. Not perfect by any means – we have a LOT to learn.

He shows so much patience with me and with others around him. And if you know me in real life, you KNOW I am a handful.

He is so loving to me and always reassures me that I’m his priority – that I know he’ll do the same for our daughter.

He listens to my worries and isn’t quick to make judgments or offer advice – he’s a good listener – which I know will be important because I’m sure this Little One will be a chatter box like me.

He is selfless – truly selfless – and just wants to do what is best for our little family.

He tells me he loves me everyday and tells Baby Girl he loves her too (sometimes even with a belly kiss).

He reads to her – albeit – its about sports.

He looks up baby names at work – which I think is SO sweet.

He is excited – like actually excited – to paint her room. (Manual labor is not his strong suit).

I know its so very little – but its these little things that make my heart swell and forces tears out of me (come on – who am I kidding – I cry at EVERYTHING these days).

Ok – I am just really emotional today. I blame the pregnancy.

But I think as women – we find it so easy to complain about our spouses that we often forget to praise them. So – if you are reading this and are married – I challenge you to write about the things you love about your husband and want to share with us bloggers. I LOVE to read about the good things – and I bet you and your hubby have a good thing going too 🙂


  1. What an awesome post!

    Craig really is a great man! I know he’ll be a wonderful Daddy!

    Adam would kill me if I wrote a post about him like this. He is WAY too shy!

    Maybe I’ll just write him a letter and tell him all the little things. It truly is the little things that mean the most!

  2. Czarina, I just love reading your blog and watching your tummy grow! I’ll be praying for you every single day. Have faith and I know you’ll do great on the Step :o)