Day 4

*no pics – Craig deleted them on accident. Oops…*

Day 4 – Passion Play

We woke up early the next morning ready to visit the picturesque town of Obermmagau and see the Passion Play. This was the ENTIRE purpose of our trip to Germany. My mom has always wanted to take us to see this play put on by the residents of Obermmagau. Back in the day – like the day when people said “ Ye old” and “Arr” (ok maybe not – I’m pretty sure people back in the day weren’t all pirates.).

But back in the day, when all of Europe was stricken with the plague, the village of Obermmagau prayed to God and told Him that if He would spare their city from any more devastation from the plague, the townspeople would vow to reenact the Passion of Christ every 10 years. And God did. He spared the village, and from that moment on, every 10 years, this village and it’s townspeople recreate the Passion. It started out small but as the years passed, more and more people came to witness the amazing reenactment.

We drove up to Obermmagau. Clearly the Metropolitan city of this part of the Bavarian Alps. I wanted to tie a bow in my hair, wear a dress fitted with an apron, have birds follow me around, and bust out with the songs from “Beauty and the Beast.” Because this town was like a movie set. It was a Disney adventure. Complete with cobble stone streets, cute houses, perfect looking townspeople. Craig and I roamed the streets, bought everything from hand carved rosaries to a coo-coo clock, and spent the day enjoying the village and the setting.

We met everyone for lunch and got ready to see the Passion Play. The average age for the audience was probably 60. From what I’ve heard, people plan years to see this play (esp since it’s every 10 years). So, Craig and I felt extremely blessed to have this opportunity to see it.

The whole play was spoken in German but we had translation books to follow along. Although we didn’t understand what was being said, the acting, music and sets were so powerful, that it really didn’t matter.

We finally left the little Disney village around 11:30 PM and headed back to our little inn where Jutta was waiting up for us. Great day.


  1. Wow Czarina! What an awesome experience!