Countdown with me!

Five days until Bug’s big 1st birthday.

Can you believe it, blog friends?

Remember when I started the 100 day countdown to her birth and now we’re on our 5 day countdown until her 1st birthday?!?

Time flies when you’re having fun 🙂

And fun is just the tip of the iceberg.

Being her Momma has taken every emotion and magnified times one billion bagillion and filled our home with sounds of joy, tears of bittersweet emotions, and love that is unlike anything that can be described.

I’ve had to think long and hard about the 5 things that have kind of defined her 1st year – or I guess – OUR first year.

So – here we go! READY or NOT!!!

FIVE – Motherhood is like bizarro/opposite world from what I thought it would be.

I am so surprised at myself as a mother. I was for sure going to dress up Iz in matching onesies with big ginormous bows. She was going to be a super sweet cuddly baby that was going to let me love on her and rock her to sleep.


I am a lot more practical than I thought.

Iz is not a bow fan and neither am I! Gasp!
I am pretty partial – but I look at her face – her sweet perfect face – and don’t think she needs any accessories. She is dressed in whatever is clean and whatever I don’t mind getting dirty. There are many days where she hangs out in nothin’ but a diaper…and the only reason we put on clothes and shoes to go out in public is because I’m afraid she’ll rip off her diaper and flash/moon a cop and then we’d get a ticket or something…

She doesn’t want to be held – except for maybe a minute before bed time. She wants to explore and toddle her way through, over, and under everything and anything that gets in her way.

I spend money on things that matter – diapers, formula, bottles, meds. Instead of the fun things like toys, clothes, hair bows…so unlike how I pictured me spending mine (er…Craig’s) hard earned money!

So Iz took me out of the fantasy world of kiddie couture and a sugar n’ spice n’ all that’s nice…
And this year has shown me that the vision and dreams I had for her and for me as a mom PALE in comparison to what the reality of what being Iz’s momma is like.

For Real…


  1. Iz is BEAUTIFUL and you're a wonderful mom ! Congrats to both of you !!

  2. Kristen says:

    I still do all the ridiculous outfits and dresses…heck I even have a 4th of July red, white and blue tutu with a rhinestone t-shirt that says "USA Rocks" for Caroline BUT 4th of July is big at our house 🙂 and my Aunt paid for all of it.

    I totally agree with you about how the reality is completely different from the pregnant visions! Can't wait to see pictures of the party. I've already got a theme planned out for Caroline's! Hey I've got to think ahead and I'm so right brain no matter how much I want to be artsy and left brained.

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