Happy birthday to me – a few days late

I turned 29 on December 19th…on the downhill slope to 30!!!

I have really great friends and a wonderful family.

This is a few days late in posting – but I really wanted to post something thanking my family and friends who called, emailed, sent cards, sent gifts, sang songs, etc, etc on my special day.

I have been blessed tremendously and love those that are so giving of their love.

Thanks to all of you who made my first day as a 29 year old super duper special!


  1. Megan @ Little Bella Bean says:

    Happy Birthday! And I am sure your gift of laughter inspires her creations! Lol. =) How is the pregnancy feeling?

  2. Happy Birthday!!! I can’t believe I didn’t have it in my calendar. I have it added for next year.

    I hope you had a great day!

  3. Cody and Adeline says:

    Great, now I feel even worse about forgetting your b-day. But as I told you I just can’t remember birthdays. I rarely remember Cody’s birthday and I never send cards to my family in Belgium on time. I need to get better at this 😉

  4. Happy Happy 29th!!