Happy Times!

Craig and I had a very fun and busy last two weekends!

Last weekend (Jan 17th) – my Dad celebrated his 60th birthday! My sisters and I planned a big surprise party for him – but my Dad is a clever fellow – and figured something was up 🙂
We flew in family and friends from all over the U.S. and Canada. So – during the week – we were a taxi service and had lots of secret missions to get everyone where they needed to be before the big party on Saturday.

To throw my Dad off – I planned a family dinner at our family’s favorite Chinese restaurant. Now – this place is an old, converted Pizza Hut – it’s a hole in the wall, small, family run place – which I think serves some of the best Chinese food in Dallas. We had family there and told my Dad – THAT – was his big birthday celebration….but…he was not easily fooled!

Dad hugging Mom at Friday dinner 🙂

Parent’s friends from N.J.

Canada family – we’re taking over the world!

Chonnie, Sofia, Maddie

Garrett, Candice, Sofia, Maddie (we’re a very serious family)

Saturday was the BIG day! The surprise party was held at Uptown Theater in Grand Prairie. It’s a theater that was renovated and it was perfect for our party. The marquee showed the main attraction – “It’s a Beautiful Life!” starring my Dad! It was great.
My Dad was surprised at the turnout. I guess he didn’t realize how many people love him!
We had dinner, then went into the theater to watch a movie (which was actually a slide show of my Dad’s life) and danced the night away to a band that played music from the 50’s and 60’s! SO FUN!

On Sunday – we had a surprise Baby shower for my sister, Chonnie. She’s due in February – so it was nice to have family from all over to celebrate. Baby Bump wars – she wins

This past weekend was a fun weekend too. We celebrated Smith’s birthday on Friday. Andrea made a ton of Mexican food that was so yummy and practically FORCED decadent chocolate brownies and white chocolate cheesecake down my throat. (waiting on Andrea and Mel to post their pics so I can steal them for the blog)

On Saturday – we went to Peyton’s birthday party. It was so fun! I’ve missed my friends kiddo’s bdays since I’ve been out of the country – but I am so glad we went. It was great seeing friends I hadn’t seen in a while – and honestly – I was kind of freaked out with all the kids. Not the fact that there were a lot of kids – but the fact that I’ll be having a kiddo of my own! YIKES! I watched my friends – and I think I was quieter than normal – but I watched them as all of them so naturally mothered/fathered their little ones. I just hope it motherhood looks good on me as it does on all my friends. (I stole these pics from Heather’s blog!)

Sweet Peyton

Daddy’s to be – Miller and Craig – nice pic boys!

Me, Andrea, and Alli (that’s straight vodka in that cup)

Sunday – well – that’s another post! Stay tuned…I review another movie that made me gag, made me laugh, made me clutch my heart as tears came to my eyes with all the emotion I felt…oh yeah…it was a good one!