Here we go again. And prayer requests.

We’ve had a summer to remember.

Trips to the beach, water parks.

Lazy days at home or friend’s houses playing and laughing.

Ice cream and cook outs.

Playgrounds and slides.

All the things a summer should be about.

Enter 3 months of no doctors visits, no therapy, nothing resembling the life we had only known for the 1st 15 months of Evan’s life.

The Texas heat is masking the reality of autumn and what it brings.

Cold and flu season is on the horizon.

And tomorrow we start in with doctor’s appointments.

After 4 months of blissful ignorance, my boy will be prodded and examined to check his heart.

It’s been 4 months of greatness…but also 4 months of slow decline.

His sick heart has slapped me across the face once again…and has brought me back to the reality of the life we are leading.

While my boy is hearty and full of life…I’m reminded by his breathing that is a little heavier, the oxygen levels a little bit lower, and his coloring a little bit off…that beneath his picture of health is heart that needs careful attention.

There is a good chance that tomorrow will bring good news – that his heart is doing great and our surgery we are dreading that is inevitable is still a year or 2 away.

There is an equally good chance that tomorrow will bring “other” news – that his heart is showing us it needs something more to help it along – and we could be looking at his next open heart surgery in the coming months.

The breakdowns I’m having today are ones I haven’t had in a while.  I’ve realized that I haven’t been living in denial – I’ve been living in the present.

And the present – as of late – has been filled with nothing but joy and normalcy.

But, living in the present – starting tomorrow – will soon be about a life we once knew – a life of specialists appointments, therapies – a life of the other world we live in.  The world that is everything but normal.

I ask – as I’ve done a million times before – to pray for my son.  

1.  Pray that his ECHO (sonogram of his heart) shows that his heart is functioning strong.  That everything is growing as it should be and that his surgery from a year ago will give us more time before his next open heart surgery.

2.  Pray that his lungs are healthy and have not been affected by his heart.

3. Pray that the extra symptoms we are seeing in Evan are just run of the mill illnesses and not related to his heart.

4. Pray for Isabelle – she has started to ask questions about Evan and his next surgery.  She has shown some worries about Evan going to the doctor tomorrow.  

5. Pray for Craig and I as we make tough decisions for Evan’s care and how to further proceed.  Pray for peace for our hearts.


Thank you for sticking with us. 

God is good all the time.




  1. Patricia Adkison-Cox says:

    Praying….and added, my God give your family peace and comforting knowing that He is in control and all things happen in His Timing….