I’ve started to run again..

ok..maybe it’s more of a jog.

And sometimes…my speed may be seen as more of a fast walk…but a really fast walk with arms pumping and everything.

Running used to be my “go to” work out.  There’s nothing like hitting the pavement and knowing that the only person you have to beat and the only thing holding you back from being your best…is you.

No one else to push you…

No one else to motivate you…

Just you.

And, sometimes, after you hit that moment where your breathing starts to labor, your legs feel like lead…you need to dig deep and find it in you to finish.

“You don’t stop when you’re tired…you stop when you’re finished.”

The words of my old trainer ring in my head as I feel the motivation seep out of  my pores.


I find myself thinking of Evan as I run.

And not just Evan…but for his buddies with special hearts.

I hear my heart pound in my ears…ba-boom, ba-boom, ba-boom...and think, “Thank God for my healthy heart.”

I feel my legs ache and I think, “Thank God they are still moving.”

I  feel the sweat drip down my back, my arms and think, “Thank God…for this moment.”

I think about my boy and about others who are living with conditions..or fighting a cancer….or mentally challenged…and I find the gratitude and the thanksgiving overflowing.

Because, I can run.  I have a heart that beats and can keep up.  I have a body and mind that allow me to.

When I get tired…I think about Evan and his fight.  I pray, “Buddy…when you get tired….YOU DON’T QUIT.  You keep fighting.  You keep going.  Because your story is not finished.”

And I battle on.

I run because I can.

And I run because so many can’t.

I am in constant awe of him, his Heart Buddies, children and adults in wheel chairs…fighting a disease…fighting a cancer….fighting.

And its in this mentality that I signed up my boy to be matched with someone who may need the motivation in their run. 

And I know that his fight can – and will – inspire and motivate someone to run harder…run longer…run until they are finished.

Who I Run 4 is an organization that matches up runners with those who can’t run – adults and children with special needs.

It’s an organization that allows those special people in our lives to push, motivate, and inspire runners…to finish.

Because, it’s in those moments where it gets hard…where the battle of fighting a disease…living with a condition…heading into the next surgery…that we are reminded by those we love…..

“To keep fighting…keep battling…because…you are not yet finished.”