I’m hungry just thinking about this….

Evan’s little body has endured so much already.

It makes me so thankful for all the things I took for granted.

A healthy heart, a healthy body…

And since his diagnosis, Craig and I made a promise to each other.

We would take care of our bodies because we are so thankful for the gift we’ve been given of a healthy heart and healthy body.

Of course, we indulge on the occasional sweet and occasional glass of wine (or margarita…or beer…or martini…) but overall we’d make sure to care for our bodies so that we could live a long life for our Isabelle, for Evan and for one another.

I mean..how crappy would it be for Evan to endure all of these heart surgeries and then Craig and I keel over.

Now, I know that we can’t prevent many things – but one thing we can do is to make sure we care for our bodies to the best of our abilities.

My sweet Evan forced me to put on 60 lbs during my pregnancy.  I mean…I would crave spoonfuls of Nutella over vanilla ice cream…and all those cravings were Evan telling me he NEEDED those things….

So, now…3 months post partum…I have about 18 lbs of weight to lose to get to my pre-pregnancy weight.

Now…why the obsession with losing weight.

First – vanity.  Let’s be real…I want to look good.  But for me to look good…I have to feel good on the inside.  And, seeing a fit body makes me feel good.

Second – health.  My blood pressure is a bit high.  Yes…I am under a teeny tiny bit of stress 😉  But, the added weight doesn’t help.  I know this for a fact because I was this EXACT weight when I was put on blood pressure medication 6 years ago.  Once I lost the 20 lbs…my blood pressure was normal…better than normal.  And with Evan already on 8 medications and open heart surgery scheduled….there really is no need for me to put myself in a situation where my heart is in danger.

Third – family.  I want to be here to see Isabelle walk down the aisle and discovers the cure for CHD.  I want to be here when Evan wins his first Pulitzer Prize and wins his first Master’s and gets his green jacket.  I want to hold Craig’s hand when we’re old and gray…

I want to be the person for my family that they deserve.  I want to be the person for me that I deserve.  I want to have a full life…feel at my best to be my best.

So, starting on Monday….I’ll be documenting my weight loss journey.  I’m not overweight like the Biggest Loser overweight.  I’m just a normal mom – who wants to lose the baby weight to be the best version of myself for my family and for me.  I have a normal life – with the added stress of a heart baby.  I have to clean a house, get dinner on the table…I won’t commit to a gym or some crazy weight loss program.  I’ll make adjustments in my diet and make time to work out – even if that work out is a 30 minute stroller walk with my best guy.  I wish I could spend 3 hours at the gym and have a personal chef…but let’s face it…so many of us don’t have that luxury.

Encouraging words and some heckling to motivate me will be appreciated.  Ok…just the encouraging comments.  The last thing I need is to get my feelings hurt because then I’ll turn to my therapist…Mr. Chips and Queso, M.D.

Here’s to a healthier me…

Tomorrow…pictures. EEK.



  1. Oh how I miss you, Czarina! YOu are an amazing woman, mother, friend, and wife. Love you!