Installment #1

It’s an unspoken rule – a law in our world – the pregnant world – that you should give into every craving for the 12 months you’re pregnant.

Yes 12 months…because for 3 months after you give birth – it’s still ok to wear your maternity clothes without being judged and that means you still can push out your belly in the comfort of elastic.

I'm in real danger of looking like this soon. Fat...not a different species...I mean.

But, in some case, eating everything in sight isn’t the best thing for you or the baby.

Supposedly, you’re not really eating for you two…you’re just supposed to make better food choices and eat foods rich in essential nutrients.


Since I’m supposed to stay off my feet, I’ve had to halt my desires to eat french fries at every meal, ice cream after dinner (every night), and hamburgers (with bacon and cheese…with a side of onion rings)…bummer.

So here goes – the 1st of many installments in the next few months of:

A Day in the Life of Pregnant Woman

Breakfast – my latest craving – egg white sandwich on whole wheat bread with pepper jack cheese, tomatoes, and cucumbers.  The egg white is for protein.  The whole wheat bread adds a bit of sweetness and heartiness.  I toast the bread because I love toasty warm bread.  The pepper jack cheese adds the little bit of heat I need these days.  I find the older I get, the spicier things have to be to taste good to me.  They say the first thing to go is your hearing…for’s my taste buds.  The tomatoes I like for slight sweetness and hint of acidity.  And cucumber is for crunch and I feel the obligation to eat something green. Sometimes I add a bit of I didn’t. *Pictures are really poor – I only had my small camera*


Snack – what I really want is Cheetos.  But, if I have Cheetos in my house, I’ll have perma-orange fingers because I have an addiction to them.  Pirate Booty, though, has the Cheetos feel without a lot of the guilt.  It’s airy, crunchy, and cheesy. (Note:  Be careful looking up Pirate Booty in Google Images….you may find something that will make you blush and nervous that you’ll get caught looking at)

Lunch – my Dad picked me up and we went to Zen Baking Company.  It’s not just desserts, but we have great desserts.  But, we’ve expanded our menu to include Asian inspired tapas with a lot of Filipino influence.  Today I shared, vegetable lumpia (crispy, spring roll fried to perfection filled with tofu, cabbage, and other veges with a spicy vinegar dipping sauce or the spicy banana ketchup), fresh crepe egg roll (also vegetarian but this one is a housemade crepe filled with green beans, sweet potatoes, and other veges that have been slightly sauteed and topped with a peanut sauce), and I took a bit of my sister’s field green salad tossed in a balsamic vinaigrette topped with miso glazed salmon bites.  YUM!

Field Green Salad


Crepe Spring Roll

Dinner – this was a throw together meal.  I got home late and didn’t know what we were having.  I saw the mac and cheese and thought maybe mac and cheese for everyone.  But, I found pork chops in the freezer, saw the potatoes and the stir fry vege pack and decided to make grilled pork chops with thyme and a little bit of lemon, mashed potatoes, and steamed vegetables….and mac and cheese since it was already on the stove.

I don't know why my veges look X-rated

Overall – a pretty good eating day.  Nothing too bad for me and all in moderation.  High fives all around.

Addendum #1 – I forgot that I also might have had a bowl of Chex Mix. But, that’s it.

Addendum #2 – Ok – honest mistake – I was working on potty training and we reward Iz for going pee pee in the potty with M&Ms.  I wanted to set an example so I went pee pee too…so I got an M&M…or a handful…what…I wanted to see if they would melt in my mouth and not in my hand.

Today's Public Service Announcement


Addendum #3 – FINE.  I didn’t skip dessert.  But come on – how do you say no to a chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwich.  That’s right…you don’t.

Just say YES!