It’s written.

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged.

Life has changed and stayed the same all at once.

If you followed Evan’s story on Facebook – you know that he had a successful surgery followed by a very difficult recovery.

There were moments during recovery that I wasn’t sure.

I wasn’t sure what would happen.

I wasn’t sure if I’d return home with him.

I wasn’t sure of so much.

But, we persevered – mainly because we had no choice but do so.

Now that we are back home and I’ve had a chance to breathe – between the piles of laundry, the bills piling up, the every days of life getting tended to – I’ve had a chance to really reflect on what just happened.

We left Boston with my son who had massive open heart surgery.  Without a shadow of a doubt – one of the most complex, intricate plumbing projects of all times.

Walls of his heart replaced, vessels re-routed, his heart and body took a hit.

But, we walked out of the city with a boy who defied the odds.

While we were in Boston and even now, I get many messages, emails, calls, text…you name it…about how inspiring our family and Evan is.  How in awe they are of us.  How amazing many of you think we are.

I get uncomfortable when I hear those kind words.

I don’t really know how to reply.

Often, I just smile and graciously say, “Thank you.”

I couldn’t figure out why it made me so uncomfortable until yesterday when I was reading Iz her bed time story.

I am a super story teller.  I do the voices really well and my hand gestures and facial expressions are truly Oscar worthy.

The book ended and Iz said, “Mama – that was such a great story.  You did a good job.”

And then I had to correct her, “No honey.  I didn’t write the book. The author did…I just told the story.”

It hit me.

When people give me compliments about how inspiring they think we are, how amazing our journey has been…I realize that I can’t take the compliment because it’s not a story I wrote…

I’m just telling it.

It’s already written.

It’s written.

Every moment of heartache all of you prayed us through.

Every joyful moment you cried tears of joy with my family from across the nation.

Every leap of faith we took in moving forward for Evan…

Has already been written.

This is God’s story for my family.

I don’t know how we got so lucky that Evan is ours and we get to tell his story of strength and fight.

I don’t know how we got so lucky that Craig and I have recorded years and years of high school sweetheartness that has resulted in the birth of a family who has endured quite a few trials.

I don’t now why we have been blessed to have so many happy endings to the different chapters of our life that have seamlessly gone to the next.

We have had heartache.

We have had disappointment.

We have had triumph.

Just like every story…we have had all of those.

It’s beautiful.

And telling my (our) story has been something I can’t get enough of.

Because, it’s not about the success of the surgery or how my family got through it or how Evan is now thriving…it’s about how God has been glorified through it.

The good parts aren’t when I shared Evan’s surgery was done or even when we were reunited back home as a family of four.

The good parts are when I was in the pit and all of you cried out to Heaven for my son.

The good parts are when I found joy in the little, mundane things like sitting up again, taking a sip of something, opening his eyes…those little things being the precious gifts from God himself.

The good parts are when so many of you became the hands and feet of Christ and carried my family through this trial.

The best thing about our stories – all of our stories – is that you know that something exciting will happen.  Something difficult will happen.  Something joyful will happen.

There will be heartache but it will lead to redemption.

There will be trial but it will lead to triumph.

There will be sadness but it will result in joy.

It’s the essence of how excellent stories are written.

And we get the privilege of having the greatest Author of all time writing ours…

It’s written…our stories…they are written.

We just get to share them.

Share your story proudly…with emotion, with pride, with excitement…just as I do ours.

I can’t wait to see what happens next.evan boston


  1. Kristen Rabalais says:

    Every time I read one of your blogs, I think this is my favorite entry she’s ever written. But, truly this time it is my favorite…until your next one. We’ve been walking through some trials as a family, and the other day the Lord spoke to my heart…this isn’t your story, it’s mine. I have clung to those words, and your blog further articulates that message. Regardless of our story, it’s not ours…it’s His that He is writing to give Him glory. He’s just so good and loving that he allows us to be apart of that story. Thanks for always sharing. Love you…and always continuing to pray!

  2. My heart is overwhelmed with joy for you & Craig! I’m so grateful that Evan came through like the superhero he is! You are AMAZING with words & I whell up with emotion with every blog. Keep ’em coming & God Bless you all! Love ya!