I’ve created a monster

Isabelle looks sweet.

I mean – come on – look at that face.

But she’s a monster.

A co-dependent, whiny, drama queen.

She really has to be around people to be happy. And since she’s only a baby – I’m her people.

She is happiest when I’m all up in her gummy grill.

She gets upset when no one is talking to her.

She thrives on praise and attention.

She hates being by herself and she whines until someone makes her the center of their world.

She throws fake out fits – where she screams for attention – and once you give it to her – she’s happy as can be.

She talks. A LOT. She laughs at herself. She talks and babbles – then laughs – like she just told the funniest joke ever – and no one gets it but her.

She can be over dramatic for no reason at all.

Wait a second…

Wait A second…

She sounds like someone I know.

No – could it be?

I didn’t create a monster!

I’m raising a mini-me…

Oy vay…