Merry Christmas

Twas a few days before Christmas when all through our house

A few creatures were stirring, even our sweet little mouse.

The stockings were hung – now three of them there.

A new addition to our family – brought into our world with care.

Our sweet baby bug all snug in her bed.

While visions of her first Christmas – dance in my head

Thoughts of our family – brings tears to my eyes.

I don’t remember my world without little laughter and sweet baby cries.

Our new stations in life – better than anything I could have wished.

Bright eyes, gummy smiles, even that slobbery kiss.

Time’s moving swiftly – I want to stop it from going so fast.

I try to cherish every moment – make every day last.

I see the man I love – not just husband but now a Father

Hold and rock our sweet girl – I know there’s no other….

Moment I could ask for that makes my heart swell with such joy.

Actually there is one…let’s not forget the birth of a very sweet Boy.

The true meaning of the season – the birth of our Christ.

Made the Heavens part and Angels sing and shout with all their might.

Born on Christmas day – our Savior came into this world.

Born in a lowly manger – from a scared, innocent girl.

The girl who became a mother – who gave birth to a Son.

Knowing someday – He’d die for my sins –

What an unbelievable gift – so selfless, so pure.

It makes me know for a fact – makes me absolutely sure…

That on this Christmas day – when I hold my sweet daughter.

As I am blessed beyond belief – that He chose me as her mother.

Happy birthday, Baby Jesus – the sweetest baby boy.

You bring so much happiness to our world – endless joy.

So – another year of blessings – and many more just in sight.

To my friends and family – Merry Christmas to all – and to all a Good night!